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Logjammin 2023

8 Feb - 12 Feb, 2023
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As Seen on TV!

Logjammin 2023

Skiing     -    Boozin    -    Boathousery
8 Feb 2023


February 8, 2023


Southern Comfort

E6349 Alpen Rd 

Bessemer, Michigan 49911

The Mountain


Logjammin 2023 will be headquarted at Southern Comfort 1 & 2, a location we have all skiied past many times.  It officially holds 22 persons, but that counts filling four rooms that each have a queen and twin bed.  So, we'll see how things work out.


Trip Costs:

  • Friday and Saturday Night Lodging, per Person - $250

  • Additional Weeknight, per Person - $30


All LogJammin' 2023 attendees will receive a complimentary Logjammin Accessory. These accessories are only produced once a year, are unique each year, and are only offered to the Logjammers with enough balls and sense to attend.

Making Your Reservation:

A deposit of $150 is required to ensure your spot amongst the Jammers.  This deposit helps to offset the costs involved in securing our lodging, which are incurred as much as one year in advance of the event.  Reservations for Logjammin 2023 are due by December 1st, 2022. The remaining balance is due no later than your first day at Logjammin.  Deposits are mandatory.  Preferred sleeping arrangements are provided in the order which deposits are received.

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The Event

Confirmed Jammers

Adam H.

Amy K.

Brian C.

Brian G.

Chase K.

Emily J.

Jack S.

Jake H.

Jason A.

Jeff M.

Joy M.

Kara C.

Kate R.

Matt M.

Michelle F.

Peter K.

Tom K.


Gastronomical Assignments

All Jammers should be prepared to sponsor a meal or assist by bringing sides and helping to prepare.  Make sure you have enough to feed all Jammers.  Fend for yourself on Wednesday and for lunches.  Unless Logjammin staff is requested to intervene, it is assumed that all meal planning is taking place amongst the individual meal teams.  There are usually a couple Jammers who prefer to avoid consuming the flesh of animals, and please keep in mind that we have at least one gluten allergy.  Any consideration we can show would, I'm sure, be appreciated.

Thursday Dinner - The Devilman's Chili

 Sponsored by: Matt M. & Joy M.

Friday Breakfast - Hot 'n Horny Breakfast Burritos

  Sponsored by: Jack S.

  Co-Preparers: Chaise K. & Tom K.

Friday Dinner - Big Coq au Vin

  Sponsored by: Kate R. & Jason A.

  Co-Preparers: Kara C. & Brian C.

Saturday Breakfast - I Just Quiched!

  Sponsored by: Brian G., Emily J. & Michelle F.

  Co-Preparers: Pete K. & Amy K.


Saturday Dinner - Panini Bikini - Part Deux: The Second 'Cuming'

  Sponsored by: Adam H.

  Co-Preparers: Jeff M. & Jake H.


Gastronomical Assignments


RSVP for Logjammin 2022
  Feb 8-12

Making Your Reservation:

If you would like to attend Logjammin' 2023 a deposit of $150 per person is required and is due by December 1st, 2022.  After completing the form below, you will be redirected to a Paypal page where this deposit can be made.  If you need to make other arrangements, add a note in the registration form or contact Tom directly.  Your remaining  Logjammin balance will be due by the first day of Logjammin.  Preferred sleeping arrangements will be assigned based on completed reservations with an accompanying paid deposit.  

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