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Logjammin Catchphrase



10 Inch Seed Giver

Gaping Seed Receiver

Scrotal Entry

New Slots

Made in China Vagina

Bearskin Foreskin

Death by Boobs

Throat Sperm

Half Packed Shit

Ass Hernandez

Flush n Huff

Jew Manatee

Wanking at Old People

Vacuum Sealed Balls

Unpoo Yourself

Psycho the Rapist

Johann Sebastian Cock

Buttfuck Canyon

George St. Gigolo

Jizz on Rice

Bizarre Racoon Orgy


Non-Rat Bodega

Cum by Numbers

Brown Star Search

Cairns Clawhammer

Pony up Daddy

The Bawk of Dawn

Of the Hebrew Persuasion

Over Penetration Prevention

Blueberry Shart Stain

Asian Level Skills

Common Sluts

Russian Israeli Mormon

Little Bird Rosenberg

Stranger Danger Boner

Salvation Boner

Warranted Boner

The Annointed Dong

3 Pump Minimum

Anus Envy

Secret Rub

Poontang Boomerang

Gay for Drinks

The Sloppiest Cum Fart

Hand Corking Job

Sweaty Hangers

Dickless Chaps

Reverse Necrophilia by Force

Back Door Hymen

Worrisome Tip

Pity Buttfuck

Whole Homo Milk

Boner Squad

Turbo Boost Mictoration

Tidal Goo

Pound Beaver

Open Faced Dick Sandwich

Inifinitely More Pussy

Maximum Chub Level

Prison Soap

Disastrous Blowjob

Exploded Boner

De-gloved Member

Skinhead Promises

Puuush tha Button

Cum-flavored Hollandaise

Cum Chowder

Last Night's Dead Whore

When Not to Cum

Apologetic Pre-Ejaculation

Clever Pedophile

Labia Injection

It Tastes Like it Sounds


Cuntasaurus Rex

Canoe Butt

Barbecue Titmasters

Vitamin Clam

Congenital Genital Disorder

A Pump of Chocolate

Aggravated Flaps

Opinionated Pocket Pussy

Slow Blow Cooze

Bottomless Pussy

Sterile, but Horny

Meat Present

Racist Cum Wares


Muff Punt

Beef Stinger

Opening Holes

Scrotal Recall

Irritated Vein

Focused on my Nuts


Anger Your Pussy

Glory Box

Sloppy Fisting

2 Part Tang

Handjob Stroganoff

Broken Seal

Open Ass Zone

Joint Staffs of Chief


Fireproof Jew

50 Shades of My Dick

Sloppy Eggs

Put Some Sac Into It!

It's a Jew Thing

Ruggedly Bad Looking

Lady Sandwhich

Open the Fuck Door!

Whiskey Clit

Slot Sack

Sensitive as Fuck

Backup Snapper

Yesterday's Cum Stains

Chief Pornography Officer

Yugo-Slabian Whore

Heavy Package

Go to Hammer Town

Body Coach

Misplaced Nipple

Stuck in the Middle with Jews

10 Yard Sack

Rarely Continent

Chivalry Ain't Dead, Bitch!

Nutsack Lunch

Rapey Like Spacey

Johnson Control

Clitorium Emporium

Airline Waitress

Up by a Duece

Frenching all the Racks

First Bus to Anus Town

Roast that Pussy

Meat Eatin' Pussy Fest

Pussy Contest

Bob's New Mullet

Eat a Burrito, Shit a Burrito

Dick Troublecock Jr.

Fluff Me Harder

Babia Labia

Jesus Chommed in Me

Yeti Molesti PTSD

Ultimately Jam Ready

Meat Wave

Ejaculation Champion

Tactical Cumshot

Well Worn Box


No Nuts, No Face

Made in Hong Kong Dong

Yesterday's Abortion Burial

Pussy Royalties

Ewok Butt Sex

Dickman's World

Part Man, Half Penis

Confirmed Jew

Pussy -grabbed by Yeti

Penetration Celebration



Two Towel Load

Police Pootrol

Post Lift Rescue Orgy

Granny's Cranny

Jizz and Crackers


LL Sploo J

Shot by a Child

Friendship Handjob

Beast Mode O-Face

Diarrhea Wiccan

Slot Blocker

Working the Shaft

50% Penetration


Simultaneous Mictoration

Drag Queen Family Fued

Full on Pinocchio

The Strangest Boner

Moist Awning

Vindictive Boner

Forgiveness Boner

Bigger, Blacker Mic

The Cum of Christ

Cum Foo

Twice Aborted

Elder Wood


Burnt Taint Hair

Quick-release Dumping

Proper Slot

Cum Jumpers

Anus Medicine

Corpse Rape

Two Sets of Curtains

Vulva Butter

Public Fuckery

Transgender Fat

Bird Porn

Breathy Fart

Shoulders to Tits

Nippley Things

Backroom Chub

Big and Dangly

Beefy Flaps

Leave Your Unit

Morning Rigidity

Bonus Hole

Hands on the Wood

Deep into the Wood

Lumber Jack

Coming After my Brown

Blowjob Throat

Bloody Nips

Mom's Fish Purse

Casual Obama

Butthole Foods

Rectal Huffing

Dusted Rim

Illegitimate Toes

Millenial Falcon

A Chair for Genitals

Dick Sucking Butt

Death by Bleacher Ass

DIY Bidet

Attempted Cannibalism

Scrotal Eclipse (of the Fart)

Scrotal Ringing

Butthole Safety

Bear Fucker

Third and a Duece

Government Gorilla

Insertion Point

Dick Out the Bus

Regenerative Ball Sack

Touch my Rash

The Bone Train

Hatred for Hubris

Softening Sack

The Doggie Style Shaft

Wet Dream Weaver


Pink Pocket

Great Bunch of Cocks

Pubic Hubris

Snatch Chat

7th Heaven Rapist

Kim Jong Bon Jovi Un

Golden Taint

1 Girl, 2 Teabags

Throat Salve

Comfortable Brothel

Gorilla Bagged

Jamal McCockiner

Massive Gap

Cockpit Block

Doctors without Buttholes

The Three Menstruateers

Cheesy 10 Sack

Buttfuck my Heart

Shootin' Dear & Actin' Queer


One Last Blowjob


Healthy Loaf

Excellent Penetration

Pocket Gin Advocate

Couch Body

Touchdowned Himself

Big Time Sack

Joint Suppliment

Fuck You, Tom Brady

Fabled Weenis

Anonymous Beaver

Dick Not Duck-Like

Hot for Preacher


Mile-High Cream Pie

Baby Paste

Ass Out, Cash Out

Eagles Are Not Racist

Dude Stew

Big Pink Button

Pocket Full of Pussies

Critchley's Weird Techniques

Undulating Aereola

Pixar's Dick Jam

Band the Hole

Cunny Fulla Money

10 Times the Man(s) Pubis

Nose Rapist Annonymous

Log Says "Jam"

Orville Suckmydickenbacher

My Big 10 Inch

Precision Chode Load

Cataclysmic Jism

Double Chorizo Lifestyle

Hamb Standard

Peoples Republic of Vachina

Dominican Prison Wife

Dept. of Chommeland Security

Adequate Dick

Fertile Throat

Sheep Pussy

Heavy with Cream

10th Anniversary Rape

Special Kind of Crazy

Flapjack Fellatio

Weird Al Yank-a-dick

Two Flush Duece

Diarrhea Weekend

Ass Sex Crevasse

Stinky Inky

Half Priced Ass


Doodie Free Store

Bungalow Beast

Ass Academy

How Now Brown Star

Diarrheagraphic Memory

Dick Shaped Hole

Temptations of a Jewess

Chest Hair Transplant

Too Many Blueberries

Freakish Lemur Dick

Dick Milk

Native American Jew

Runs with Buffalo Goldstein

Funky Tasting Spunk

Humanitarian Boner

Dirty Boner

Semi-hard Teeth

Almighty Dingus

Born Again, Again

Nickel Bach

Mustache Case

Too Much Gay

Taint Appreciation Day

Manual Entry

Baroqueback Mountain

Dead Throat

Peony Dropper

Double D Burrito

Carb Dumpster

Three Ring Circus Penis

Thai Tee Why Tee

Period Burger

Trump Lovin Asian

Farty Breath

Boned by Skydiving

Slippery Dickery Cock

Wild Caught Chub

Fresh Water Chub

Pubic Mange

Dr. McBoob

Sexy Leper


Too Much Wood

Beaver Hot Saw

Unreliable Wood

Big Jew Hair

Dick Scrifices

Bumble & Bumblefuck

Own the Hole

Ass Popcorn

Slut Tracker

Dick Wang

Bocce Sans Pants

Natural Trans

Director of Pubic Development

Swap Meats

Left-handed Snatch

Blossom Your Buttocks

Reverse Helicopter

Krang's Tiny Wang

Ass Dandruff

Rug Burned Balls

Bong Scott

Anal Expressionism

Combination Blow

Ass Woes of Yore

Labrynth Like Vagina

Charitable Balls

Watch Dix!

Accidental Release

Scrotum Medicine

Throw Your Tits Into It!

Piss Jar Problems

Pseudo Jew

A Mouthfull of Joy

Big Beaver, Pennsylvania

Stink Rocket

4 Hand Dick

Leckel Leakage Principle

Pumpkin Dick

Homo of the Year

Drive-by Sheep Fucking

Use all the Cock

All Balls

Wet, Soggy Peter

Kick the Jew

Pole to Hole Ratio

Glory Hole Golden Child

Cumster's Last Stand

Triple X Files

Shut the Fuck Door

Sail Like a Fuck

Staph in my Sack

Solo Drugs

Full Service Dicking

Plug and Chug

Disorienting Blow

Tripple Nipple Job

Scotey McScroatface

Stoned to the Bone

House Call Stripper

5k to Couch

Both Grudens

High Resolution Dong


Givin' Up that Butt

The U.S. Homey

Entry Level Jap

Lotion Mishap

Victoria's Clitorium

Shroomin' Jesus

Glorified Whore of the Skies

Furry Penis Sauce

24 Hrs. of LeMons Pubis

Snug Trees

Genocidal Organ

14 Inches of Anal Beads

Ordered a Mullet

Diagnosed as Pregnant

Man Buns, Baker's Dozen

8 Sack Performance

Force the Incompletion

Guac-Filled Puss

Nose Rape PTSD

Full of Iron & AIDS

Log Hammer

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