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Logjammin Catchphrase


Big Vagina Syndrome

Sleep Rape

​Asparagus Pee Tub

​Realign the Holes

​Buck Nasty

​Penis Macarena

​Dead Hair

​Low Hanging Taint

​Bukkake Tears

​Colorado Asshole

​Vagina deJour

​Raccoon Wang Bone

​Semen Nation Army

​Accidental Rape

​Cream City

​Retard Strength

​Facial Pubis Treatment

​Scruffy Clitorous

​Hateful Orgasm

​Sailor's Delight

​Underwater Ejaculation

​Rockered Penis

​Ski Suit Stain

​Cum Deity

​Orgasm Yelling

​Good Pervert

​Fecal Failure

​Foreign Fucks

​Toilet Breaker

​Bloody Wipe

​State Park Tax Evaders

​Rug-Bodied Homeless

​Free Spirit Hairdo Dreamers

​Hair Skin Guys

​Standing Fur People

​Upright Lion

​Hibernating HJ

​Elusive Throat Fucker

​Dirty Tube

​Legendary Sperm

​Powerful Shit

​Santa's Fat Cock

​Spooner Style

​Butt Legacy

​Drip Soups

​Open Whore Policy

​Undersucked Dick

Daddy's Hands​

​Obvious Erection

​I Said No

​Leaky Vag

​Decent Erection

​Time's Vagina

​Bashful Boner

​Dick Integral

​Jean Stress Test

​Samurai Schlong

​Innapropriate Wet T-Shirt

​Coat Hanger Pregnancy

​Pontiac LeMons Pubis

​Frostbite Cocktip

​Yeti Porn Shoot

​Chilli Tenderoni

​Twat Mist

​Yanking the Yeti

​Cairns Couch Sleepover

​Medicated on Alchohol

​Deep Throating Bald Eagle

​Creepy Stranger Penis

​Pole Initiation Technique

​Pals Sucking Dick

​R. Kellie'd Her

​Strap on the Guilt

​Teradactyl Cum

​Butt Sex Babies

​Anchor Nipples

​Crotch Kraut

​Pissy Pants

​Nipple Confusion

​Anal Napkin

​Doggy Style French Toast

​Rectal Fecal Enhancer

Mid Day Wipe 

​Pythagorean Semen

​Rape Room

​Unknown Rape

​Cock Sock

​Driveway Dick

​Vagina Dentata

​Advanced Rod

​Cancerous Erection

​Barnacle BJ

​Mudjob Fistjob

​Cambered Meat Curtains

​Scold Sex

​Sperm Visitor

​The Drippening

​Clammy Cum

​Fecally Fuck

​Rectal Orifice

​Plunger Proof Duece

​Ass Piss

​Nappy Runaway Teens

​Deadbeats of the Trees

​Forest Humans

​Campground Apes

​Tall Woods Bears

​Chain Wielding Bum

​Moist Crevasse

​Slightly Used Vibrator

​Nearly Naked Handjo

​Iconic Eggs

​Heroic Blowjob

​Rudolph's Red Rocket

​Meat Genius

​Steam Shit

​Bold Cumshot

​Hefty Animal Prick

​Brokedick Mountain

​Substandard Fluffer

​See Through Banana Hamock

​Runny Rectum

​Tainted Twat

​Prior Gehrs Insertion


​Vaginal Spelunking

​Fuckability Principal

​Louisiana Three Way

​Open Pussy

​Olympics of Porn

​Clit Flicker


​Anal Icicle Penetration

​Mogul Manlove


​Uncle Touchy

​The Cairns Cup

​Lindsey Vonn Sex Doll

​Liver Assassins

​Fur Molestation

​One of Us

​Destro's Other Silver Head

​Penis Gallery

​Tavern Coup

​Tiny Penis Fingers

​Mountain Dew Tub


​Tubby Time

​Ninja Beer Pour

​Polar Vortex Vagina

​Bomb Vag

​Taint Towlette

​Sexually Transmitted Breakfast

​Pimpled Pussy Puss

Ass Treat

​Semen's Second Law

​Consenual Rape

​Sunday Rapeday

​Coma Boner

​Karma Cumeleon

​Furry Dick


​Orgasm Trajectory

​Powederhorn Penetration

​Sexually Conservative Agenda

​Basket Nipples

​Erectile Consistency

​Cumming Pains

​Cum Drip

​Salty Semen

​Frosty Fetus

​Orifice Exam

​Dehydrated Piss

​Neanderthal Now

​Fuzzy Dickhead Walkers

​Contemporary Cave Assholes

​Bipedal Bushmen


​Walking Fauna

​Snowball Floozy

​Wookie Wanker


​Exceptional Human Beings

​Historic Orgasm

​Sorry About Christ

​Men's Faculty

​Cum-Groomed Slopes

​Ham Memories

​Dick Stretches

​Box Turtle Man

​Jean Claude God Damn

​The End of Days

​Damp Gap

​Dripping Dick

​Toys for Twats

​The Last Shart

​Anal Urination

​Pythagorean Pussy

​Booze Logic

​Pussy Dick Ratio

​Pubic Glance

​Gangrene Nipple

​Mom's  Mons



​Frozen Tight Vagina

​Stink Crevasse

​Naked Puzzle Basement

​Cairns, Sex Worker

​Tiger Woods Rolodex

​Blowjob Wizard

​Pubic Hair Harvest

​Room for Two

​Lazy Fucking Shipwreck

Vaginal Vampire

Forced Cum

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