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Logjammin Catchphrase

Logjammin Catchphrase


Mogul Boner

​Pocket Pork

​Love Slaw

​Improvised Lubrication

​Catsup Facial

​Crotch Slaw

​Onion Ring Job

​Dick Nexus


​Artic Hotdoggin'

​Spooge Yeti

​Squatch Milk

​Bigfoot, Small Cock

​Crotchless Bacon

​Panty Melt

​Ciabatta Lotta Dick

​Sourdough Pussy

​Center Cut Ass Bacon

​Utopian Slut Palace

​Glass 1/2 Full of Cum

​Maraschino Balls

​Partial Inflation

​Webinar Orgasm

​Dick Punch

​Stacked Asses

​Maximum Stuff

​The Grab

​Chewed Ass

​Asshole Features

​Surprise Drippings

​Shark Bear

​Loose and Fast

​The Middle Leg

​I Came in Her Mouth

​Grabby Vagina

​Plastic Elephant Vibrator

​Pussy Patrol

​Loose Nipples

​Projection Erection

​Autographed Dick

​Mountain Hard-on

​Dick Dome

​Jurassic Gherkin

​Serious Lumber

​Rawdog Slawdog

​Bobbin for Slaw

​Strap-on Strudel


​Excited Log

​Penis Rings

​Frostbit Dick

​Knit Cock Warmer

​Shorn Sasquatch

​Breaded Pants Snake

​Shroomin' with Yeti

​Potato Panties

​Sauerkraut Vag

​Faggot Baguette

​Dildo Jedi

​Breast Receptacle

​Booger Perception


​Death by Snu Snu

​Chinese Asian Meal

​Twist Ending Snuff Film

​Ruptured Implant

​The Nether Chunnel

​Wrecked Mouthfeel

​Hip Control

​Halitosis Fetish

​Corn Management

​Friendly Head

​The Men's Sauna

​Fast-Pitch Doggie Style

​Lungs 'n' Tongues

​Not Tight

Sac Pinch Sitting

​LBJ's Treaty Cock

​Pussy Slayer

​Nip Lick

​Rocket Semen

​Speadin' Cheeks

​Hot Tub Surprise

​Bunny Hill Can Mine

​Coddled Swine Loin

​Cole Slaw Lube

​Tapenade Handjob

​Vegemite Astro Glide

​Tempura Testes

​Warm, Moist Bread

​Crooked Shit


​Obese Griffin

​Squatch Jizz Jam

​Dinner in a Squatch

​Penis in a Blanket

​Rueben Tube

​Shy, Rye Muffpie

​Cum Sundae with Nuts

​Masterbation Ninja

​Polar Whore-tex

​Carolina Jelly Balls

​Stungun Dildo

​Moose Butter

​Chronic Lazy

​Dehdrated Cumshot

​Hooded Penis

​Speed Businessman

​Stolen Pussy

​Smelly Hangout

​Telescoping Rectum

​Aggro Garnish

​Lick Tricks

​Prolapse Dreams

​Penis Giant

​Demon Study Guide

​The Giving Whore

​The Muppet That Failed

​Swollen & Napping

​Tricky Titties

​Bushy Bush

​The Cough

​Jason Level Sharting

​Handjo Complications


Three Day Dick Cheese

Nipple Stubble

Poopy penis


Crabby snatch

Sneaky snatch

Ninja hanjo

Tandem hanjo

Thick shaft little tip

Dick damage

Cock crabs

Tandem titty fuck

Smoke crotch

Pop a cock

Duel dickheads

Scissoring squatches

Vagina Bullies

Queer queef

Quasi sexual


Furburger King

Golden Towers


Fur Pie

Pie Hole

Coelacanth Girls

Sex Metric

Prom Night Dumpster Baby

Hand Crafted Dildo

Dockter Tounge

Balloon Knots

Queer Faggot

Stripper Butt

Stripper Butt Spice

Spill the Wine

Cage Like Woman Enclosure

Asshole Hyena Coworker

Cubicle Perv

Xmas Party Whore

Chair Stink

Ambitious Susan 

Black Restaurant

Donkey Cheese

Jew Den


Jew Envy

Magic Mike

Dirty Hairy

Tandem Trombone

Lube Luge

Stomach Pancake

Mindbender Squeeze

Maximum Vagina

Erotic Stall

Goo Covered Mirror

Backdoor Key Fob

Critical Breach

Creepy White Guys

Meat Winnings

Favor Blowjob


Papa Castro

Godzilla Cock

Live Crabs

Piss Window

Banana Joe

Igloo Goo

Crotchless Snowpants


Bag Full of Cocks

Hodag-Squatch Showdown

Squatch snatch

Saskwatch sex party

Call of the squatch

Saskwatch aids

Peni apparati

Ninja turd slinger

Port a john hanjo

Herbie hanjo

Full on rapist

Saskwatch hanjo

Saskwatch hard on

Funky fetus

Crab bit clit

Clitorus tidbit

Vibrant vag

Iggy cock

Damaged dyke

Penile retardation

Saskwatch stool

Botched abortion

Chairlift Predator

Emo BJ


Fur Taco

Balls Deep in Fur 

Busted Roost!

Cold Camel 

Ham War

Fear Boner 

All the Confusion

Charlie Eyes

Self Pleasurevation

Suicidal Monkey 

Hold the Bac-Os 

Melon Plates

Fuck That Guy

Nosebeard Penisbeard

Sticky Keyboard

Promoted for Blowjobs


Back Dimples

My Flow 

Easter Basket 

Jim Crow Old School 


Vaginal Hubris 

Tampon Ear Plugs

Condom Balloon Animals

Your Hep-ness

Critchley Crabs

Fuckable Malt

Eventual Vagina

Vagina Dick

Bathroom Bang

Foul Object

Fruit Roll-Up Fucksleeve

Mason Jism Line 


Hot Goo-sicle

Getting Gronk'd


Smoked Hmong Meat

Mothra Vag

Fresh Clam

Getting Suede

Thong Rot

Assy Nipples 

Shitty Stripper Ass

Hodag Handjob 

Slutty Panda

Creamy Cheese Insides


Dick Bacon


Outer Space Asshole

Fuck You, Ricky Gervais

Tom Kell inside me

Snow Queen, male

Hot dog up your ass

Champion Food Eater

Curious Cunny

Pleasure Sleeve

Anal leakage


Small Business Owner

Anal Explosion

Monkey Fuck


Love Faucet

Cock Cannon

Penis Taco


Sweater Puppies

Snot Boner

Santa Took My Hymen

I am a disappointment

Liquid Love

Squirrelly Ballsack

Dense Pubic Forest

Restaurant Handjob

Ham for Ham

I Pay For Sex


Bacon Wrapped Dick

Pooing Raw Meat

Ten Days of Diarrhea

Spoiled Labia

Hobo Lawyer

Queen Cunt

Swamp Bitch

Cum Catcher

Cum Dumpster

Daddy's Big Dick

Baby Gravy

Robot's Bloody Anus

Glory Hole Baby

Citgo Birth Control

Butthole Tar

Steam 'n' Cream

Pubis Mogul

Gehrs' Look

Upper Decker

Masturbation Kit

Long John Vagina

Herpes Farm

Whiskey Dick

Fistful of Salmon

Stupid Flanders

Double D Tits For Balls

Pussy Mold

Angry Dragon

Handjob of Death

Anus of Love

Midget Salad

Bacon Underpants

Pubic Lice

Moist Armpit


Monster in My Pocket

Softball Dike

Gorilla Snatch

Four Hour Erection

Ass Fuck Relay Race

Pimple Dick

Semen Shortcake

Manual Release

Discount Dildo Rack

Sloppy Seconds

Padawan Rape Trial

Jabba's Dick

Sandpeople Stripper

Alderran Property Boom


R2D2's Hoes

Anakin's Burnt Balls

Cum to the Dark Side

Obi-Wan's Little Blue Pill

Do or do not, there is no try

Chewbacca Uncircumcised

Ewok Style

Wendy Watermelons


Green Banana


Wake & Bake

Bald Man in a Boat

Backcountry Rubber

Dick Cheese Casserole

Cock Slop

Ninja Sex

Tummy Sticks

dem Knobs on Her!

Got a Match?

Epcot Center




Sending a Fax

Dog Ball Soup

Dysfunctional Clitoris

Overweight Labia

Grandpa's Swinging Nutsack

Pornographic Wallpaper

Steamboat Willie's Fat Cock

Logs in Butts

Ass Timber

Pork Sword


Tandem Tuggy

Edward Penis Hands

Put 'em On the Glass

Bear Skin Toupee

Lonesome Dove Piss

Well Endowed Yeti

Scrambled Ovaries

Yeti Rape Counseling

Sloth Handjob

Virginity Robber

Food Tastes Good

Baboon Romance

Watch Me Shoot Cum

Look At My Cock

I Smell Poo

Uncle Bad-Times

I Drink Big

McDouble Penetration

Grandpa Loose Hands

Love Salt Release

Mondo Mons

Clown's Breakfast

Swollen Bowlin'

Farting On Pets

Menstrual Delay

Supermarket Grope

Library Leering

Reality Czech

Bonzo Goes Gonzo

Lubed Cask

Meat Beam A-Frame

Animal Turn-Ons

Farm Mud

Horny Dolphins

Salvage Hooker

Bleeding Hair

Bag Sag

Van Canyon

Candy Van

Playground Man

Bob Sagat's Revenge

Fingered Baby

Boat Cougar

Cougar Thong

Just Suck A Little

Ore Miners

Worldwide Jerk Off

Jason's Special Sauce

Yesterday's Turd

2nd Hand Douche

Sexually Transmitted Gay

Bucket of Herpes

Mouth AIDS

Rush the Growler

Queef Master

Batin' Time

Hard Wood

Picture Book Pussy

Cookie Monster's Balls

The Earth's Anus

Quint from Jaws

Rocket Sled to Hell

Donor Boner

Training Restaurant

Mississippi Meathook

Hippy Zombie

Nature's Handjob

Sweet bang Tube

Manual Release Wine Hut

Genghis Cock

Puerto Rican Fog Bank


Back Seat Abortion

Rejected Orifice

The Kell Brothers

Balls Deep

Botched Vasectomy

Supple Gator

Fat Camp Sex Party

Rare Bald Eagle Ass

Tank Dump

Beef Bayonet

Beaver Cleaver

Olympian Asshole

Cows Don't Care

Rear Deflector Shields

Lightsaber Butt Plug

Penis Pretzel

Menstruation Mudslide

Mushroom Stamp

Asshole Bistro

Loss of Innocence

Dissected Hooker Snatch


Urinal Deuce

Exposed Anal Gland

Cock Cramp


Presidential Mimes

Utility Dick

Fupa Chalupa

Crimson River Rocket

Indian Cock Burn

Virgin Blaster

Stuffed in the Backfield

Slut Bag with Handles

S.S. Strange

Shit Sundae

Diamonds Mean Love

Drippy Cunny

Condoleeza Thrice

Infested Clit

Spooge Monkey

Hoover Dental Dam

Game Informer

Banana Hell

Cum Sponge

Prison Cell Wedding Night

He Touched My Wenis

H.A.M. Job

Stowaway Babies

War Cock

Pubic Cornbread

Vulva Milk

Deet Lube

Homeless Handjo

Crunchy Nipples

Hooker Balls

Don't Get Penisy

Deep Fucking Lore

Buffalo Heifer

Moist Joy Tube

Dindy's Glasses

Mother Stapalonean

Born Again Pagan

Muchas Gracias, Dickhead

Satan's Ballsack

Douche Rocket

Sarlacc Pussy

Outerspace STD

Filthy Love Sponge

Dutch Rudder

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

Noodlin' Fool

Jagged Cockhole

Vagina Password

Accidentally Befriend

Touchdown He Doesn't Want

Limp Vagina

Cairns Lounges w/Wookie

Reverse Hanjo

Elk Cow Pussy

Backyard Bestiality

Anal Hemorrhaging

Ball Buddies

Tyrannosaurus Tex

Napoleon Boner-parte

Chilli for Bitches

Snatch Rash

Dick Snot

Hate Sandwich

Firecrotch Extinguisher

Frog Scrotum Soup


Dick in Puss

Assclown Rodeo


Lazy Ejaculation

Xtreme Hot Dog

Clown Wars

Whale Blubber Slushie

Dick Cheese Pizza

Astro Glide Pudding Pop

Dead Nipple

Elk Dick

Breast Milk Latte

Yeti Bait

Abraham Lick-cunt

Yoda lips

Russian Bear Wrestler

Whore Apprentice

Vagina of Hate

Garage Sale Dildo

Mike N' Ike Dick


Margaret Snatch-er

Half Price Anus

Stripper Sandwich w/ Man Jelly

Mature Ejaculation

69 with Brian Cairns


Cairns Hearts Wookie Ass

Monkey AIDS

Meat Flap Blanket

Dad, Tickle Machine

Chairlift Handjob

Balls Mahoney

Cairns Likes Gay Activities

Dickweed Salad

Bare Assed Fart

Dirty Sanchez

18 Speed Vibrator

Poop in a Bathtub

Butt Flap

Long Dick Toilet

Jerk Off Sock

Forked Penis

Non-Caucasian Visitors

Manning to Manningham

Hairy Pie Hole

Yeti Vagina

Five Finger Discunt

Man Melt

Flaccid Love Log

Alabama Hotpocket

Brian Cairns, Homeless

Mammary Man

Throat Goo

Penile Pogo Stick

Chicken Fucker

Buxom Gentleman

Clit Pimple

Sexual Perjury

Happily Castrated

Urban Edition

Martin Lawrence

The Apollo Theater

Honkies Are Fronting

Word, Dawg!


Packing Your Heat


What Is Up, Dawg?!

Sammy Davis Jr.

She a Ho, Dawg!

The Classics




Genital Warts


Meat Machine

One Bite

Mons Pubis


Atlas'S Balls

Tank Dump

Ass 2 Ass

Jason'S Balls

Christ On A Stick

Hawkus Maximus

Cat Tron

Runny Cunny



Cunt Fart

Hairy Sack

Vitamin J

Double Penetration


Carrot Cock


Skin Flute

Explosive Diarrhea



B Star

Coned Out

Bloody Taint

Whale Bush

Royal Snatch

Nut Stubble


Roast Beef




Mt. Chongzilla

Tit Flesh

Sack Massage

Balls Mahoney

Hot Doggin'

Cum Catcher

Chapped Nutsack

Mr. Belvidere

Banana Hamock

Donkey Punch



Dick Cheese




Emily'S Boobs

Slurping The Jerky

Circle Jerk

2 In The Stink

Panty Sniffer



Wedding Night Dick


Dirty Jew

Laying Pipe

Penile Penetration

Guns 'N' Roseanne


Pull Some Tubers

Knockin' Boots


Dirty Sanchez

Semen Receptacle



Slurping The Jerky

Sweater Puppies


Road Handy



Little Nips


Anal Beads


Uncut Lips

Whale Bush


Bloody Taint

Amazon Women

The Intruder

Hooded Wonder

Nut Hawk

Penis Fencing

Wreck A Toilet

Life-Like Dong

Spicy Load

Chief Fest

Dick Medicine

Dirty Panties

Pocket Pussy

Winehut hanjo

Weiner wrapper

50 shades of gay

Buzz longshaft

Tag team hanjo

Saskwatch cock block

Penis bend

Upward penis bend


Blowjob kneepad

Deviated rectum

Rectal exam

Happy colon

Tickled taint

Gay pride

Aborted fetus

Registered squatch offender

Mr splooge

Botched circumcision

Camel toe slide

Bar Poon Drive

Serrated Nipple

Fur Fever

Secretary of Fur

Fur on the Tongue

Max Balls 

Top Notch Squatch Crotch 

Sausage Gaping

Vinegar Strokes 

Eating All the Food

Poopy Tube 

Weed Glades 

Contemplative Monkey 

No Cottage Cheese

Pharmaceutical Boner 

Working on a Project

Stripper Butt Surprise

Overtime Funny Business

Token Rapist


Georgia Roommate


Dead Jew Walking

Nig Knot 

Gay Apparel

Vaginal Discharge

Tampon Butt Plug

Birthday Blumpkin

Bigfoot Bondage

Herpe Jerky

Strong Grab

Vaginal Abrasion

Randy Restroom

Sticky Faucet

Glazed Cucumber

Smelly Banister



Sepia Sex

Fuck Foo

Blackout Strange

Clam Juice

Fresh Red Snapper

Retired Cock

Clam Jam 


Wine Hut Butt Slut

Twin Tips

Sirracha Enima

Prude Rabbit

Ape Style

Donkey Dicked Tranny

Cavernous But

Green Taco


Fleshlight SOS

Ingrown Testicle

Cum Nugget

Logical Penis

Pubic Toupee

Cumdog Fill-a-naire

Shitstained Toothbrush


Seedless Testicles

Hot Pipe, Cold Pipe

Occupy Vagina

Baby Mank

Boys Jack Me Off

Anal Herpes

My Little Pony's Anus

Iceburn on Naked Ass

Mouth Party Favor

Bloody Fingerpaint

Relocated Saliva Glands


Free Coochin

Phantom Pop

Camel-Toed Sloth

Plane Crash Handjobs

Butt Cloud Nebula

Brimming Over

Muff Puff

Barack's Thick Cock

Aaron Rodger's Dick Suck Raffle

Mexican Love Swing

Wookie Penis Envy


Hooters and Cooters

Sex Pinata

EBT Lapdance

Blast the Mank

Sleeping Bag Smoothie

Telegraphic Porn

Penis Hoedown

Bum and a Baby

Kidney Stone Gumbo

Logjam, in an Anus

Cum Escapes Floss

Double D Tits for Hands

Paid by the Ounce

Bacon Grease Lube

Gasoline Ropetow

Grandpa Can Suck

Blown by the Devil

Record Setting Deuce

Pocket Pool Olympics

Rio: The Final Chapter

Bathhouse Handshake

Chicken Choker

Slack-titted Gorgon

Long Dong Silver

Zen Masturbator

No Refund

Hick Stick

Chicken Fuckin'g Farmer

Santa Fucked Mommy

Packed Shit

Wookie Anal

Low Calorie Jiz

Innie Penis

Cow pussy

Masturbation for Dummies

Punt, Passk, Kick and Fuck

Rub Out a Giggity

Bunny Hill Vomit

Misplaced Virginity

Quasi-Mutual Intercourse

Taint Harassment

Vagina Piston


Macaque Pouch

Tugging Fur

Queef Filled Scuba Tank

Pink Sock

Self DP

Pussy Thermometer

Scrotal Mohawk

Toddler Luge


Anal Trafficking

Vagina Password

Aunt With The Tits

Grandpa's Soft Hands

Exciting Blowjob

Doggy style with dogs

Penis Infection

Alberta Clipper System

I Handle Midgets

Hubbly Bubbly

Makeshift Condom


Grand Wizard's Black Son

Sweet Emu Vent

Hyperactive Gaydar

Hit 'er in the Shitter

Pussy Pantry

Cucumber Sleeve

Scrotum Clone

Wine Hut Perverts

Mowin' da Lawn

Tall Glass of Milk


Double D Dreams

Raping Mars Rover 'Spirit'

A Buck, Two-Fifty

Blow it Outta Him!

Improvised Dildo

Wesley Snipes is Gay

I Touch Kids

Bearded Clam

Crocodile Shit

Daddy's Cumshot

Baby Goo


Zoo Frottage

Suck Costanza

Gummy Cockring

Massage Gorilla

Robotic Rape Machine

Surprise Urine

My Cat Puts Out

Coned Out

It's Not The Clap

Cock Knobbler

Chairlift Mixies

Persistent Buttsex

Too Many Dicks!

Daddy Shot Mommy

Partial Birth Abortion

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Semen Salad

Sent Home Early

Erection Defeat

Nut Sticker

Bull Dyke

Listerine and Diet

Skihill Titties

Sexual Harassment

I Buy Kids

Anal Lollipop

Alaskan Pipeline

Chimpanzee Acne

The Apes of Wrath

Puba Tooba

Cheeto Buttplug

Sporty's Pilot Shop

Royal Blue Boos


Waist Deep, Balls Deep

Gunney Sac

Explosive Implants

Clit Romney

Yogurt Slinger

Asexual Intercourse

Panty shock

Crotch Broom

Throat Clit

Penis Garden

Buttfuck My Mouth

West Side!

East Coast Bitches


Martin Luther King Jr.

Pork Chop

Bumping Cunts

Red Vines

Camel Toe

Bone Harmonica

Power Snatch


Au Jus

Shit Pusher

Strange Bald Eagle

Greasy Bawk

Shit The Bed

'80S Bush

Dead Carp


Leckel Special

Lump Crabs

Engorged Shaft

Check The Oil

Black Pussybats

Chaps My Ass

Ass Pirate

P. N. S.

The Nug

Red Rocket

Meat Curtains

Erectile Denial

Tony Danzig

Log Jam

Sniffer'S Row

Gehrs'S Genetalia

Cum Dumpster

Upper Decker

Ice Docking

Out Of B


Ass On The Glass

Dick In A Box

Sniff Hut


Box Of Dicks

Balls Balls Ninja

Penile Implants

Tonsil Hockey

Angry Pirate

Hot Tub Handy

Saffert'S Mom


F. Meyer

Cleveland Steamer

Chode Hickey


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