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Logjammin Catchphrase


Captain Brownstar

Bootable Hard Dick

Yesterday's Pussy

Strop, Drop and Yoga

Distended Rectum

High Traffic Butthole


Unite the Clams

Book Full of Dicks

Worse Than a Mullet

High-end Dominatrix

Tongue Punched in the Fart Box

Coned Boner

Lick My B-Star

Male Fallopian Tube

Cum Nuns

Leather Bag of Moist Potatoes

The Pecker's in Charge

Taking all the Virginities

Too Full to Fuck

Born w/Infected Balls

Radiation Deflates Balls

Tony Turtle Tits

Shame on Poo

Air Conditioned Dick Party

Chipotle Butt Pirate

Juicy Jesus

Neil Dung

Zero Cum Game

Ping Pong w/My Ding Dong

Stacked Dick Mouthfit

Penis Tube Pump

Bloody Stool

No Doubt, the Gout

48 Hour Erection

Goodby Anal Virginity

Paul Simon's Jewish Cock

Dick Yoga


#3 Semen Blend

Slut Horse

Beating a Dead Whore

Scurvy Clitoris

Quadruple Cum Index

Three Dog Threeway

Swappin' Jizz Rags

Pivot to Clown

Wing Ding Batta Bing!

Double Dong Dare Ya

Steeped in Scat

"Bifurcate my dick, bitch!"

Meatloaf for the Dead

Gehr's Dick Pick of the Day

Inifinity Virginity

Buttermilk Biscdicks

Koala Clap

Eagles Fuck Better

Colon Blow

Steven Segal Sucks

Number Three Necklace

Prolapsed Urethra

Givin' Up tha Puss

I'm Stalin Behind

Urkel's Semen

Wang Bang Thank U Mang


Emergent Brown

Fisted Mother Fetish

B-Star Acceptance

Racist Poutine

Beefing in Tongues

Vaginal DisCUMfort

King Dong Poon

Likes to Swallow

Reverse Doggy Style

A Little Drippy

24 Hr. Masturbation Station

Throat Coitus

Weed Whores

Roach Clip for Small Dick

Slut Tournament

Batman Cock

Switchblade Charlie

Boom-Boom Town

Weed Healer

Too Much to Fuck

Oscar Psoriasis

Bukkake Jockey

Shart Confession

Well Hung Mannequin

Pulp Dicktion

Django Chained

Thunder Choad

Glory Gays

Post Traumatic Shart Disorder

Commit to the Butthole

Snaggin' Taint

Pig Fuckin' Chicken

Blood Feces Slaw

Weasel Anus Coffee

Private Seaman

Cunntery Sgt.

Hotdog Dick

3 Cocks, 1 Vag

Whitesnake Jake

Dick Gills

Testicle Testification

Cum Shot of the Year

Gnome's Law

Tube Swappin'

Pee the Cum Out

Banana Jack

Salmonella Pants

Screw the Knocker

Refuckingly Fresh

B-Cup Sized Tumor

Courtesy Enema

Sunblock Hanjo

SPF Handy

Funny Cunny

Bob Mueller's Dick


Urine Preamble



Canoe Buddy 3-way

Dildo Inventory

Snail Male Anatomy

Brett the Shitman Heart

Slumberjack Hall of Fame

Bishop of the 60's

Inception Erection

Gazebo Hobo Hanjo

Consistent Horse Dick

Specialty Seasoned Weed

One Perspective of a Butt

A Horse Maintains its Penis

Loose Jerkey

Egg Yolk Ejaculate

Ten Ton Tits

Suck My Tinklepod

Dyke Trike

Long Dong Ahoy

Macho Man Randy Sa-Vag

British Bull-Hogs

Spunk Trumpet


Thick Dick Soup

Banjo Republic

Rabbit Nutsack

Deet Baby

Engineered Wood

Parade of Slave Children

Premium Smoked Sticks

Swole Porpoise

Fast Head Speed

48-hour Scat


Normal Urine

Wizard Wad

Dick in Mouth Disease


Shart Week

Birthday Log

Food Flavored Food

Bonus Hole

Juicy Deucy

Mental Illness Boobs

Fondle Gondola

On Pussy Watch

Lake Juice

Bush Length Skirt

Penal Law

Severe Karaoke Exposure

Ass Butler

Cum Soft

ADA Stripper

Eagle Bait

Kelly Green Taint

Hog Smoker's Cough

Duck Sarcastically

Caffeinated Sperm

Business Joke

Trauma Bonded

Milk Dealer

Known Marijuana Smoker

Dog Bed Surfing

Booty Exhaustion

Cairn Comma Singular

Triple-ended Dildo

No Brunch, Too Drunk


Pronunciation of Balls

2 Tickets to Pussy

Blowjob Evangilist

WiFi is Like Internet

Imagine My Penis

Unhung Hero

Juice Hole

3rd & Suck a Dick

Proverbial Scene

Ceiling Tits

Mango Boner

High on K2

Bundt Cake Cunt Bake


Now & Lederhosen

Walk Off 2 Cumshot

Duke of Hurl

Chief Excretory Officer

Ground & Pound World

Development of Woods

Blowjob Blowback

Treasured Sack

Gettin' Doubled

Polling Booth BJ

Throb Zombie

Buttnut Squash Soup

Rob Lowe Knob Blowe

Quick Shart Guide

Sexually Retarded

Ambidextrous Cockplay

Low-calorie Chode

Sack Artist

Camel Towing

Aspen Asses

Purpoa Pussy Patrol

Consenual Boobs

Email Detritus


Cobb in the Slot

Current, Electric

Drilled by Hooker

Everybody is Cuming

Mitch Trubuttsky

Hardcore Mormon

Monteray Jack

The Cairns Entanglement

Laughter Birth

Santa's Gloved Paw

Dick Down for Jesus

Boner Broth

Pancake's Worth of Jizz

Prescription Butt Plug

Sugar Sweats

Jew au ju

Dumpin' Up a John

Indirect Banging

16 & Strokinoff

Bicurious George

Breaking in Our Balls

Unbridled Logorrhea

Vaginal Hat

Good Mouthfeel

In God We Thrust

HD Twerking

Catching Deep Balls

Proud Defacation

6" Here, 6" There

The Romaine Empire


The Moistest

Cataclysm Jism

The First Urniation

Philly Cheese Slut

Fire Settin' Squatch

Trashy Boners

Super Blood Wolf Poon

Sweating Pipes

Pussy Pounce

Wet the Genitals

Conditional Love

In Cum We Trust

Beef Torpedo

The Choda Chode

Load Management

Pushing the Double Team

Team Double Team

Chilled Ball Gag

Mount Assmore

Jewish Fire

Doing Drugs Right

Yeti's Night Out


Snake Buttfucking

Prehinsile Labia

Queerbate & Switch

Clash of Clams

Muffin-Top Pussy

Clam Killer

Deep-throated Warbler

Snow Pussy

Full Spectrum Meat

Log Jelly

Rotating Asses

Duckwalk Situation

Biblical Wood

Horny with Ideas

Porn on Mute

Blowjob Bidding War

Footbal Shaped Void

Used Rubber Sale

Logjammin Maint. Crew

Suck it Dave!

Straddle into Tackle

Don't Bogart the Clit

Dickpocalypse Now


Ghost Boner

Chew My Balls!

Reverse Dick

You Sucked My Dick

Don't Think I Forgot

Unexpected Entrance

Temporary Unit

We Validate Porking

Small Boobs Matter

One-at-a-time Balls

So Much Chimney, Too Little Time

Semen Pudgy Pie


Passed Gas

Can't Stand It, Dick Bandit

The Lazy BJ

Cannabilistic Penguin

Jack Fruit

Donkey Dildo Party

Anal Consortium

Anal Ventriliquist

Serious Dick Drip

Penisbutter Cups

Cummy Cocktail

Filthy MILFy

GNR Concert BJ

Shoulda Blown Better

Simon & Garfuckle

Hyperextended Dick

DIY Fecal Transplant

Get Back, Rape Pony

Engaged Whore

Twisted Fister

Double Down Dildo

Barometric Dick Pressue

Boob Boners

Loose Lips on Lips

One Eyed Milkman

Vaginal Scurvy

Punitive Gas

Healthy Fizz Whiz

Slut Rut

Visible Public Masturbation

Finnish Finger Fuck

German Spermin'


Koala Puch Play

Lizard-Like Dick

Hilary Cliton

Fist Fuck Machine

Two Sips & a Piss

De-gloved Shaft

Testicle Removal

Bacteria Balls

Testicular Heft

Sausage McBlumpkin

Chipotle Fire Shits

Dead Monkey Dick

Ten Chicks, One Dick

Like it or Balloon Knot

So Many Noses, Only One Butt

The Mexico of Europe

Zero Dark Dirty

Sperm Remants

Good at Head

Yellow Stool

Left Hand Nipple Twist

Mid-thrust in Other Business

420 Blow Job

Wooly Genital Cover

Gowin Up Jewey


Bleeding Fart Liberal

Laserdisc Titties

Pro Cocker Player

Fried Pussy Cheese Curds

And Then He Came

Elephant Dildo

Fellate Gate

Shart Pride

True Bromance

Reservoir Hogs

Ballad of Tom Choad


Hungry Shart

Balls to the Walls Balls

Submit to the Butthole

Slipped it in

Problem Beaver

Penetration Rate>=190%

Rear Admiral

General Genitalia

Balboa Baggins

Corkscrew Manuever

A Handjob's Tale

Kicked in the Dick

Salsa Sharts

Jew & Tonic

Evacuation Percolation

Gastric Regret

Crotch Kitten

Soylent Cum

Unlimited Butt Access

Sexual Droning

Reverse Fisting

Log Envy

Sweet Coot Chute


Banana Boat Titty Fuck

4 Leaf Clover Clit

Dub Step Tank Dump

Elastic Prophylactic

On the Dump

3 Sheeps to the Wind


Hung Jury

Big Bong Theory

Grindhouse Cock

Manbun Porn

Puttin Your Pussy on the Line

Bourbon Barrel Aged Pussy


Weed Weight

Constant Cock


Longest Dongest

Joke Pork

Wood Shuffling Situation

Too Many Condoms

Ejaculate Omelette

Malicious Erection

Maple Syrup Imperialist

Mister Fister

Penetration Upgrade

Hulk Scrotum

Dicksaw Jim Dougan

Blister Rod


Long Dong Parfait

In the Style of Dog

Dewey Pussy

Not Racist, Just Outdoorsy

Spray Your Nads

Sauce Calculus

Pole Sack

Tuna Prospectus

Suckin' Journeymens' Dicks


Classy Assy

Black Cock Mechanic

Kayak my Kak

Anal-ise This!

Chicken in my Purse

Catalog of D

Spooge Mountain

Moist Toilet

No, You Suck His

Room for Your Balls

Statue of Puberty

Wang Angle

White Girl Wasted

Duck Billed Platepenis

Employed Hippies

Balls Deep Racist

Glass Cock

Masturbation Flatulation

Lovingly Skullfucked

Cornfield of Dicks

Tooth Sized Tit

Gangreene Taint

Gym Beer

Pressure Lube & Splash

Eat a Shit

Ass Commission

Sucking Dick at 60


Cauliflower Labia

Cuntborne Pathogens

Handlebar Job

Jerk Marinade

High as Phelps

Crotch Fruit

Stool Supplies

Wreck my Gag

Chomme Nostril

Unshoot My Cum

Rocky Mountain Eel


Snuggling with a Boner

Concentration of Wood

Gold Standard in D

Tremendously Wet

Shadow Tits

Phallic Shadow

Reusable Chomme

Wedding Tackle

Black Market Semen

Smell Ya Lederhosen

4 Imodiums Later

Sphincter Fire

Tetris Cock

Vaginal Veneer

Bonfire Boner

Half-ass Blowjob

Oral Valley

GOAT of All Time

Micro Mano

Aaron to Aaronham

Penis Endo

Pussy Play Pen

Shithikers' Guide to Sharting

HBD Dirty Jew


Tripedal Man

Run Stuffin' D

All Male, Butts Only

Buttermilk Boobs

Cockroach Botox

Scoop the Puss

Original Gloryhole

Licking County

Dept. of Sacks

Evil Jason Hat

Hair Balaclava

Cum Induced Pneumonia

One Tube Too Far

Pork Dreams

Softcore Mormon

Gingerbread Manhood

Coked Up for Olive Garden

Russian Nesting Dongs

RBG Pussy

Nudity Films

Cumshot Device for Food

Fucked in 2 Areas

Double Chin Butt

Crotch au gratin

Gap Insurance

2nd Order Sucking

Hero's Penis

Tang Dynasty

Keep Track of Your Balls

Pork Knuckle Smuggler

Dick with a Mullet

Double D Condition


Urea Perlman

Maximum Couth

Super Duper Pooper

6" at a Time

Resource Excitement Boner

Hodag Ho Dad

Whitecap is Burning

Pussy Sex

Upside-down Asshole

Heat Stench

Steely Dad

Gag Harbor


Silicone Matt

Ham Candle

Japanese Dong Blur

Cum Love

Bone in the Butt Party

Archimedes' Cock Bath

Opera of Feces


Standing Man Pile

Dr. Dick

Burning A-Hole

Yurt Material

Albino Rhino Gyno

City of AIDS

Hanging Hog

Poop Chute Riot

Sexual Yelling

Nut Milk Press

Doing the Dicking

Whore Menu


Psychotic Erection

Fake Pussy

Peru Pencil Penis

Meat Pyramid Scheme

Testicle Tea

Lizard Positions


Pipe Wrap

Fudge Unpacking

White-knuckle Handjob

Logjam Thank You Ma'am!



Purse Full of Burgers

Tom's Mom's Slit

Doing Weed & Women

Dick Piranha

Big Swingin' Clit


Critchley's Poor Unit

Badge Before Vadge

Vagina Slalom

Porcupine Pussy

Hug of Desperation

Wrong Hole Policy

Wan Huge Dong

Hobo on a Ham Sandwich

Precision Hairdo

Re-Ninja Turtled It

Critchley's Defunct Dildo Co.


Taint Loaf

You Shouldn't Know Better

Coonhound Poon Hound


Eurasion Milf Oil

Broke Dick Jackson

Anal Dildo Blockage

Multiple Orgasm Establishment

The Peel n Feel

Left Dicked Batter

Big Fart, China

He Swallows

CumBob Square Pants

Lehman Jack Hammer

Cumdog Jizzilionaire

Man to Woman Scissoring


Certified Fecal Donor

Soul Blossomed, Penis Shriveled

Jesus Juice

Leave Me a Loan

High Fellatio Ratio

Taking it Like an Old Man

Four Dick Chick

Sideways Erectile Function

Cum on Her Zits

Too Dumb to Die

Pleasure Feature

Dominant Toilet Behavior

Hail Satan

Small Dicks & Dead Clits

Sweedish Twatdish

Too Many Nazis


Angry Koala Handjo

Ku Klux Clam

Trump's Moldy Dick

Tina Tuna

Slippery Dickery Cock

Nobody's Stool

Moves Like Jesus

Burrito Bomb

Pelvic Sorcery

Log Sandwich

Pants Poo Contingency Plan

Highschool Bongsmith

Loosen Your B-Star

White Privilege Gravy

Hand Clam

5 Dicks at a Time

Sperm Snail

Bad Dick Bite

Split Second Dickcsion

2 Much Cock for 1 Hand

Slam Dunk Drunk

Totally Cunt-Struck


Penis Milking Sleeve

Christ Puncher, the Video Game

Gash Stash

Richard Dreyfuss Situation

Broken Spankle

Hail Hymen!

Holiday Chode

Stuck in a Fuck Sleeve

Two Tons of Cum

Bustin' Up Tha Crust

Sharters Anonymous

Jackie Sex Clown

Inglorious Assturds

Born to Cum

10th Ave Jizz Out

Volkswagen Hitler

Pop-up Sniff Hut

Hand Finish - $3

Indian Indy Car Driver

Half Hearted Boner

Butt Fuck McDuck

Colon Corporal

Major Labia

Ponytail Bald Spot

The Spinnin' Willy

Re-Gloved Shaft

Game is Up, Bitch

False Fart

The Baby Gap

Cock O'Clock

Buffalo Bill Chody

The Eagle Does the Rest

Broadleaf Herbicidal Maniac

Gay for Gehrs

Tuna Gatekeeper

Vagina Buns


Sad Worm

Lesser Bawk

Banana Boat Butt Stuff

Split Clit

Chommorrow Never Dies

Maxwell Street Penis

Panda Butt Sex

Don't Twat on Me


Wasabi Pussy

Armed & Hammered

School of Cock

Hipster Dick Gripster

3 Times a BJ

Half Rectified Ass

Gazebo Inception

Crystal Weed Scale

Collaborative Butthole

Culmination of Penetration

Full Length Penis

Raping Ball

Coleslaw Filled Pussy

Half-used Cockring

Rap Battle Failure

Press 1 for Diarrhea

Press 2 for Bloddy Poo

Billy Bob Corndog

King Kong Grundy

Ultimate Whore-ior

Unicycle 3-way

McDonald's Erection

Chicago Style Hot Log

Morning Wood Resort

Protein Nut Milk

Nature's Pocket

Wood Consultant

Pray for Nads


Squealing Without Purpose

West Nile Pile

Beef Strokin'-off


Upscale Pornshop

Fuck O'Clock

Inverted Package

Condom-plate That!

I Did Nazi That Coming

Determined to Log

Sucked Man

On River, On Drugs

Boba Fuck

Too High to Try


Featured Prostitute

Sex Club Sandwich


Tortilla Rex

Touchy Freely

Ass Battler

Chomme Tuba

Mediocre Stripper

Let's Get Shithoused

Give Boobs a Chance

Bud Lodge

Post Gym Brunch

Sleeping Butt

Lazy Rich Desires

David Blowie

Brian's Sheep Hand


Crafty Vessel

Goat Penitentiary

Phantom Vibrations

Canoe Swastika

Play Your Dick

Mons Spaghetti

Suggestion of Cleavage

Microphone Dick


100% Cum Unloader


Pumpkin Spice Labia

Poor Dick Management

BYO Mouth

Metal Boyz 2 Metal Men

Microphone Whore

Uranus Examiner

Window Fan Pussy

Donkey Rescue


Scrot Master

Business Scrotum

No Meat I Can't Smoke

Thanksgiving Dump




Oily Wood

Master of the Backfield

Ye Ol' Penis Flattener

Surprise Extra Dude

Whomping Pussy Willow

Meat Smoothie

Indoor Wolf Lodge

Dick Shart Glide

Goin' Lefty

Placeholder Dicks

Illegal Double Team

Alexander Cameltoe

Ripe for the Dicking

Hihgland Hymen

Perpetual Pedestrian

Memorable Stack

Legacy of Chomme

Sarcastic Orgasm

Pomp & Swank

I Willed the Cum

Perfect Fist

Foamy Romo

Moderate the Asshole

Wet & Disgusting

Skiing & Humping

Full Lumberjack



Mistress of Fucking Danger

Butthole Injector

Center of the Butthole

Lower Monroe

Ho'ed Up

Gender Fluids

Extra Schart

Fingerblast by Proxy

The Penis We Deserve

Goose Poop Balls

Stray Puss

Cock Play

Invested in Thrusting

Double D Eyebags


Typhoid Process

Brady Pliability


Helicopter Dick


Otter Pocket

Autocratic Transmission

Wine Hut Arsonist

Masturbating Arsonist

4 Dicks, 1 Butt

Fuzzy Valley

Pre-wetting Stage


Hashtag Octothorpe

Vaping Eagle

Love of Cum

Anal & the Dishes

Dick Volume

2 Weeks of Buildup

Balls Out Brady





Doing Drugs Wrong

Loon Juice

Home of the Nimrods

Powder Sluts

Humongous Plush Chode

Leaking Hoes

The Edicts of Kell


Bone-in Moose Knuckle

Atomic Vomit

Honey Strings

Monthly Meat Service

Mossy Pussy

Pubic Pudding

Heirloom Cocaine

Amish Redneck

Extra Deep Basement

Unexpected Fit

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