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Logjammin Catchphrase


Krafty Handjo

House-made Ejaculate

Cum Lawyer

Hand Solo

Hot Pocket® Cum Sock

Pussy Parfait

Ginger Jew

Outspoken Nipple

Admiring Her Eggs

One Nut in the Hut

Yoda Choda

Asian Micropenis

Dildo Cordwood

Sexual Intercourse Enthusiast

House Mouth

Meloncholy Dick


Send Nudes

Aggessive Vagina

Drug Buffet

No Twatting Zone

Sink Pussy

Will Eat Pussy for Weed

Family Heirloom Porn

Bush Manipulation

Crème de la Penis

Mike Penis

Dick Buttercup

Full of AIDS

Cumomile Tea

Goblin Cock (not Gobblin')

Sex Bed

Almond Butter Anus

King of Rears

Twitchy Gluts

Kentucky Fried Children

Feces in  Obvious Locations

Anal Attentive

Cinnabon Scott

Andrew Cummo

Adjustable Load Size

Black Bay Clamboree

Bassoon Bong Retrofit

Custom Dong

Grass-fed, Grass-fingered


Load Management

Slut Balm

Self Fulfilling Handjo

Creamy Shart

Premeditated Boner

Humble Tits

Lake Pussy

Buttfuckingham Palace

Big Butt Hunter

Chum Flavored Chomme

Intercom Dirty Talk

Empty Soul-patch


A Crying Dick

Beware of Dong

Pussy Hotspot

Reverse Mullet Whore

Sucked by God

Jizz Hands

Choda Chodown

Monster Box

Ejaculatory Hubris

Out Cunted


Hung Like a Shit

Downward Facing Doggy Style

2 Buckets

Pubey Shoulders

Testicle Tits

Semen Cheese

Electric Pussy Discount

Someone Else's Balls

Milwaukee Cum Camp

Teabagged D-bag

Award Winning Cumshot

Piss Boner

Withhold the Poop

Sandy Lubricant

DIY Stripper

Business Jism

Ass Kebab

River Deuce Coupe

Recycled Diarrhea

Milk the MILFs

Gential Tso's Chicken

Open Faced Boner

Emerald Ash Boner

Nerd D

Plungeable Porn Missile

Advanced Technical Anal

Cold Cocaine

Sample Penetration

The Dick Kiss

"P" for Penis

Hand Sorceress

Form Fitting Holes

Haircut & Whistle

The Preferred Entrance

Church Boner

Sucked Into Submission

Visible Shart

Wookie-like Bush

Rubberless Sex

Rogers to Grahamingham

Puppy Chow Tits


TED Bawks

Cum Solo

Bold Cocaine Demand

Naturally Moist


Inverted Tits

Whoopsie Schnapps

Done with Nipples

Cream Team

Boathouse Expo

Nautical Sharts

Eyebrow Ponytail

Suck My Dicks

Stang Bang

Born Dick First

Intercourse Agreement

Limp Dick Celery

Brain Psoriasis

Nice, Firm Chomme

Strictly Orgies

Game of Bones

Quid Pro Chomme

Abele Jack Tape

Pumpin' Circumstance

Cresting Nipples

Aunt Jemimah Handjob

Principal Sackmaker

Rubbed to Perfection

Nut Sampler


Threatening to Shit

Boned to the Bone

Single Use Dildo

Scent of a Dildo

Logjammin ICBMs

Dislocated Nut

Go Fetch Yourself

Anal Beads Tug-of-war

Too Much Boob for Daytime

Tight and Right

Bent 'ova by Jehova

Nutcheese Alfredo

Senior AIDS

Feet, not Inches

The Poop Look

Toilet Bowl of Brisket

Share the Load

Basic Butt Slit

Drippy Pickle

Alpaca Porn

Alpaca Bowl

Most Demanding Mank

Zesty as Fuck

Catan, au Naturale

Onslaught of Poop

Space Boner

Dynamic Double Deuce

Under Penetrated

Dick Butter Toast

Rich Semen

See My Handy?

Perogial School

Xtra Long Pussy Hair

Handi Stop

The Logfather

Jam Force One

Mons Bohemia

Cookie Duster

Shammmy Blowout

Not Gay Enough

Soft Core Paganism

Pressurized Erection

Crotch Milk

Drippy Snake Eye

Sexy Sex Things

Pussy Semen

Penis a la mode

Window Full of Cutlets

Heroic Piece of Shit

Hint of the Gay

Truck Stop Lube

Putin's Pocket Pussy

Buttcrack Spacers

Expensive Tube Work

Mushroom Leverage

Real Business Man

Crosby, Stills and Ass

Travel Cum Towel

Mons Forest

Twat Coif

Rushin' Russian

Toe Talon Tickling

Green Bay Fudge Packers

Artificial Orgasm

Cunt Infection

Truck Stop Infection

Texas Sized Clit

Swiftly Crafted Handjo

Off-brand Horse Ejaculate

Dick Beach

Business Porno

Sir Cums a Lot

Eatadick, Wisconsin

For Juicier Pussies

Girthy Tip

Clogged at First Poo

Pork Problems

Extra Long Chode

Snap On Trap On

A Cord of Dildos

Persistent Shit Stain

Prince Albert's Prince Albert

Accidental Boner

Butthole availAble

Cumming Battle

Clean the Equipment

Dream Cock

Whose Hair, Whose Throat?

Uprooted Dick

Blowjob King

Venereal Deceased

Iconic Hole

Headgiver of Household

Buck Fucked

Hot Crotch

A Pound of Penis

Porn Hoarder

Dick Suck Participant

Sex Ed in a Bed

Cashew Butter Cunt


Bleeding from the Penis

Ballsack Combover

Testicular Balls

Spousal Arousal

There's Drizzle Involved

Ride Zambonie

Butt Nipples

Diarrhea for Fun

Chlorine Queefing

Hoes as Planned

Misogynist Soup

Jew Meat

Obese Penis

4 Hours in My Mouth

Rug Doctor

Piss Crimes

Boathouse Boner Showdown

Breakfast Chub

Do Not Ball Registry

Jizz Diaper™️

Embarassing Ejac

Elongated Nutsack

Craig Christ

No Jew Concerns

Pornography Renaissance

Bear Fucker

Tongue Deep

Wound Puss

Edible Buttplug

DJ Jizzy Jeff



Penis Coffin

Randall Cummingham

Baby Got Duck

Lightweight STD's

Prime Ribbed Condoms

Meatflap Raffle

Love Buckets

Uncut Butt

Alley Plowing

Medical Zipper

Michael McJagger

My Balls, Your Mouth

Double Diarrhea

Use Your Inside Balls

Das Boothaus

Maximum Boobage

Sexter Copperpot

Bawk Graft

Slutty Muppet

In the Jizz Bizz

Snaking the Salami

Buttfucking Convention

Diarrhea Douche

You Gotta Play Wet


Permanently Erect Penis


Professional Staffing

Cock Mule

Kinds of Powder

Sexual Hemisphere

An Array of Dildos

Uppercase Penis

Nut Dust

Cat Huffing

Succulent Sausages

Novelty Lube

Meat Roll-up

Cock Sauce

Averaged Sized Conch

Morning Magic

Emperor-like Scrotum

Tapered Taint

Roger's Sixth Sack

Brokeback Space Mountain

Vacated the Gap

Beat of a Different Cummer

Snare Cum

Coffee Colored Taint

Sunny Dicksposition

Rawdoggability Scale

Asshole Callus

Teat-seeking Missile

Polishing the Trophy

Yuppie Larva

Rowin' n Blowin'

Doggy Style at Sea

Nazi Boot Camp

Fear Pooper

Stick Shift Dildo

Anal Option

Pervert Lever

Vert, Brah

Crowded Box

Ride the Flesh Slide

Icockolese Triangle

Scrotum Pole

Bukkake Greg

Jacking Pyramid Scheme

Frosted Mini-dicks

Sharter Image

Untie the Clams

Working Pussy

Log Jelly

Exotic Sausage

Shadow Jacker

Spicy Sphincter

USDA Certified Porn

Dildo Documentation


Buttplug Consent

Creepy Drone

Sirloin Tits

Dick Shaped Shit

Public Orgasm

Jacked by the Lord

Righteous Rim Job

Cum Appertif

Long Hole = Tube


Satisfied Toilet

Adrenaline Hard-on

Butt Pirate of the Day

Disappointing Pork

That's Fuckin' Wet

Rabbit Downey Jr.

Clam Licking Whore

Scentless Butthole

Circumference, for Men

Vintage Wood

Got Tits?


Marshmallow Dick

Dick Cheese on Rye

Just Jew It

Poon Saloon

Mid-evil Knievel

Dick in Mouth Defense


Erotically Erratic

Face Jam

Most Jammin'

Loggin' Out

Diarrhea Shammy



Psuedo Erection

Black Cockus

Brunch Nightcap


Full Wiccan Bush

Penis du juor

Decorative Head

Soggy Flaps


Cum in Butt

Fidel's Fleshlight

Butthole Botox

Busted Rectum

Red Carpet Dick

Suck It, Dave

Alien vs. Sexual Predator

Choda Chudge

Quanit Taint

The Jerk of Pleasure

Twang Bang

Foot Fetish Frank

Dildo Substitute

Mouth Magnet

Cum Debt

Spermicidal Maniac

The Big Gangbang Theory

Premium Hog Ejaculate

Strategic Cum Placements

Han Came First

Immaculate Ejaculate

Bag of Tits

Pork Roll-up

Fungus Bungalow

Too Late to Suck

Bagfull of Used Dildos

Steven Segal, Unemployed

Boathouse Butt Slut

Featured Holes

Capable of Bagging

High Fructose Porn Syrup

Bored Limp

BOAT: Brohamb of All Time

Tender Box

Undending Flow

Penis Island

Post Brunch Reach Around

Pre-Keto Bordeaux

Garden Variety Garden Porn

Plan VD

Primary Headgiver

Lost my Boyginity

Denver Butt Nuggets

Sloth Cloaca

Kim Car-Gash-ian

Jack Stack

Garden Variety Dick

Peanut Butter Pussy

Truffle Taint

Blue Balled Heron

US Stands for Buttstuff

Reverse Kegels

Soup Kitchen Boner

Cinnabons Pubis

Ryan Reynoldswrap

Privates School

Moral Penetration

Washington's Woody Anus

Rear Frontier

Pussy Fountain of Youth

Long Table Syndrome

Rotating the Dick

Masturbating on a Plane


"R" Rated Life

A Good Dry Rub

Slutty Abroad

Full of Teenage Boners

Primo Leech Meat

Recreational Milk

It's What Pants Crave

Pretty-boy Bang Train

21 & Busting

Handy Corner

Muff Brush


Mouth Lips

Mr. Butt Hole

Slow Fapping

Dr. Semen

Fighting Cock

Ass to Mouth Disease

Fiery Butthole Flavor

Serial Vapist

The Ejaculation Proclamation

Pussy Guac

Au Jus Reservoir

Mount Touchmore

Infinite Dicks

Semen Dreamin'

Farm to Table to Semen

Meth Gators

Boner Garage

Mouth Balls

22 oz. of Diarrhea

Ceremonial Balls

3 Finger Mitten

Boob Glory

Gone Whorin'

Improvised Explosive Diarrhea

Virtual Reality Skeeball

Pornographic Memory

Fuckable Mini-trucker

Secondhand Handjo

Anal Retention Pond

Clam Shucker

Yellow Chommerine

Registered Peach Cruiser

Boob Goldberg Machine

Python Development

Sexual Hardware

Liquid Phase Shit

Prostate Toot

Sunsetting Sexuality

Buttfuck University

Oiled Sluts

Goo Diamond Phillips

Uneccessarily Cunty

Smells Like Hogs

Honey w/Big Axes

Emily's Special Rub

Insemination Situation

Rent by the Inch

3-Way Gone Wrong

Brett Favre Addicted


Lady Godiva's Sweaty Taint

Hog Warts

Funky Cum Beat

Stuff the Elf

Seems Like a Nice Pimp

Butt Babies

Assburger Street

The Infinity Shart

Thunder Dick

Fuck Deficit

Double Boathouse Lifestyle

Pontoon Poon



Place Dudes, Pitch Tents

S&M Seatbelt

Lease to Bone

Ouchy Nipples

Ten Ass City

Director of Package Development

Ass-Action Lawsuit

Pythagorean Consipracy Theory

Ticks with Dicks

Girl Penis

World Wide Web World

Pussy Care

Brown Friday

Bukkake Jockey

Suckalotta Dingdong

Trouser Toxin


Jacker of All Trades

Gale Force Shitting

Urology 2 for 1

The Dildo Diaries

5 Minute Party

AIDS Filled Smile

Booby-trap Montage

Boathouse Handjob

Mouth, Nipple, Hands

Extreme Cunt Country

Yanked by Yahweh

Unholy O-face

Cum Flavored Ice Cream

Orgy Blouse

Fight or Fuck

0.0 Penetration

ZZ Topless

Chomme Guru

Butt in Butt

Nut Introduction

30 Pack of Blunts

Robot Downey Jr.

Titty Sisters

Double the Mouthsize

Speed & Cigarillos

Bush Passenger

Whiskey Trots

Dick Bacon

Titty Fucksplosion

Humpin' Hobbits

Handy Seaman

Fruit Sausage

Poor Boob Substitute

Pubic Dreadlocks


The Boner Collector

Log Water

Moist Jammin'

Google Chommebook

Jewper Hero

Sweet Nips

Cumwad Shootout

Bonged Bone Broth

Too Hot to Twat

Niagara Balls

Live Cum

Bush of Entrapment

Cum Quota

MILF of Magnesia

Ranch Filled Anus

The Impossible Nut

Scrotal Torsion

Penis Traction

Seaweed Stuffed Pussy

Titty Augmentation

Bernie Sanders Cock Cast

Cooking with AIDS

Mickey Mouse's BBC

Pile of Penises

Penis Christ

Vagina Zion

Shit Pawprint

The Milwaukee Fucks

It's a No Go Situation

Flood o' Turds

Dildo Insurance

Cum Sucking Clam

2020 - LOTR Special

Dildo Baggins

Gandalf the Gay


Mithril Condom

Gimli's Ass

Sam & Frodo's Love Child

Gandalf's Big Staff


Cum Troll

Buttfucking Several Hobbits

Hobbit Fuck Train

Brokeback Mount Doom

Uruk Hai Sex Hotline

Hobbit Holocaust

Nimbly Gimli

Elrond Hubbard

Gin Gimli

Frodo Bro Jo

The Hobbit Who Fucked

The Ol' Dirty Mordor

DJ Jazzy Bilbo

Bimbo Baggins

Lorena Hobbit

Balrog vs. Ken

Hobbit My Dick Off

Shelob's Titties

Cock Ring of Power

Tom Bombadildo

The Desolation of Smegma

The Ballrag

John Wayne Hobbit

Spreading Legolas

Orc Breath


Elven Semen

Hairy Foot Fetish

Helm's Deepthroat

Whore of Mordor

Filthy Hobbits's Holes

Burning Dwarf Festival

Prancing Pony Karaoke Night

Silverlode River-deuce

Aragorn's Porn 'Stache

Gandalf's Gland

Bilbo's Baggin'

Dildos by Bilbo

Bone Thugs & Orcs

Gamgee's Handies

Tom Bombadil, Hobbit Fucker

Wormtongue My Asshole

Double Bearded Dwarf Babe

Shelob's Lube

Samwise Gangrene


You Shall Not Pass Gas!

Elf Orgy

Treebeard's Thorny Pubes

Golem Scrotum

Brown Eye of Sauron

Multi-hobbit Handjob

Gourd of the Kings

Hot Hobbit Sluts

Company of the Cockring



Orc Emporium

A Tale of Two Titties

Peregrin Took My Virginity

Middle Girth

Arwen Blowing Dwarves

Tea Baggins

Bilbo's Precious Dildo

Misty Mountain Hump

Horny Hobbits

Fisted by Sauron

Mithril Cock-sleeve

Smaug's Dildo Horde

Mount Poon

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