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Logjammin Catchphrase

2021 - 2022

Chode Factory

Cum Bubble

Foreskin for Life

2 Gap Technique

Cord of Drip

Dirty Sag (Sadge)

Big Fancy Balls

Taint Flavored Pubes

Eskimo Callboy

A Penis at Rest…

Smelly Anus Gas

Nut Bustin' Doors

Dare Juice

Came Untouched

Right of Re-Entry

The Blowing Community

Double-slit Experiment

Ballsack Gumdrops

Pole Position

Muffed Punt

Meat Seed


Irish Pussy Hound

Pink & Prominent

Unit Loyalty

Facialy, Yes

Sack and a Half

Robot on Robot Action

Schroedinger's Handjob

Chode Red

Bathroom Fuckers

Gusseted Schwanz

Poop Nest

Shape of Gonzo's Penis

Someone Else's Boner


Anal Spreader Bar

Problematically Deep

Cock Rack

Hangin' Log, Bruh

Cumming All Night Long

Jacking Station

Milk Pipeline

Wet Ball Conditions

Taint by Numbers

Global Eclipse of the Shart

Dick Rawhide

Blumpkin Spice

Joke Hole for Farts

Nature, the Constand Fuck

Dried Chomme

Outer Rim Job

Passion Bucket

From Wench She Came

Gag Gift

Two Jobs, One Pay

The Blowjobless Rate

My Hemorrhoid Pillow

Vagina Tooth

Bawk for Days

Brand New Ham

Jackin' Pocket

Tight End University


Go Mike P on it

Side Pork

Professional Package Handler

Hangry for Cock

Pansexual Pirate

Wet my Whistle

Cheapest Penis

Discount Dildo

Colossal Plow

Tug & Plug

Drippy Labia

1 Inch per Stroke

Junk Male

Wet & Chesty

Butthole Recognition Algorith

Easily Recognizable Anus

Wet Hot American Cummer

Sanitized Penis

Chameleon Boobs

Rinse off the Ham

So Salty it Hurts

Mega Clit

Full Grown Bitch


High Voltage Chastity Belt

Dogshit Bowtie

Dong Juan

Hot Cock Annie

Private Dumping

Subtle Tip

Ground Beef Curtains

Affordable Clits

Pole Access

Alistair Cockburn

Straight Cooter Shot

Archer Slit

Chommin' in to Work

Saliva of a Teenager

Recyclable Chomme

Dungeons & Drag Queens

Grab the Balls by the Horn

Custard Wad


Jam Nut

Don Henley, Eagles Bummer

Forced to Webinar


The Thirsty Hooker

Camel Toe Hack

Oral Promises

Diet Covid

More Correct Asshole

Queef Hammer

Pooped on a Dime


Diego's Big Dick

Pound of Cocks

Wet Pelt

Industrial Penis

Fuck Butter

Whore Frost

Dick Hunting Season

Chomme Con

Lubricant Experience

Assed Chaps

Very Important Shit

From the Butt, Up

Baby's First Ham

Shitting in the Dark

Dick to Spare

Michelle, the Actual Jew

Built to Shit


Butt Wiping Webinar

Stripper Lifecycle

The Schnitzel of Christ

Total Man Cats

Salty Nut Driver


Welcome to the Fetish

Zero Headed Dildo

Cervixes are Weird

Prolific Shitter

Singapore Poodle

Frog-style Penis

Long and Winding Chode

Dick Tangle

Truck Stop Christmas

Aggressive Tugging

Strap-on Sunday

Notary Pubis

Easy Quick Squirt

Milk His Mushroom

Count Chommula

Orgies and Stuff

Gnome Chomme Ski

Snowballs Deep

Necesito Tres Pollas

Shufflin' Cock

Secondary Gap

Handy Machine

Toilet Acorn

Small Penis Guillotine

Syntethic Sack

One Dick, One Dollar

Japanese Tubehunter

Smells Like Hump

Test the Testicle

Steakholder Meeting

Jammer Duty

Pantera Bread

Hipster Shithole

Leaky Beef

Quantum Beef

Cock Knee Accent

Dick Stuff

50 First Bates

Joke Boner

Competitive DP

50/50 Balls

Busted Butt

Our Ass Problem


Lips of Steel

Daddy's Little Dyke

Portable Glory Hole

Man DeLorean

Bad Looking Penis

Girder Belt Tensioner

The Drippings

Avoiding the Hole

Masked Fucking

Virtual Balls

Skin Milk

Titty Basket

Savory Cumming Sauce

Worse Than a Baby

Show Me Your Knee

Prehensile Penis

Luxury Boner

Squirrel Sauce

Pocket Pussy Timer

Poon Pal

Dumpster Dick

Highfalutin Nipple Action

That God-Given D

Direct Ejection


Hung Load


Starfish Scissoring

Replacement Jugs

Donkey Lover

Beef Milk

Yukon Tim

Soaked to the Boner

Masters in Masterbation

Impossible Long Choda

Sexy Primes

Nose-rape is Rape

Ass Pro Shops

Slit Master

All the Tits

3 Inched of Wonderful

Cowboy Rub

Chommino's Pizza

Full Blown Boathouse

Business Hooker

Church Mullet


The Ballwasher

Healthy Ass

Anal Distancing


Cumrags to Cumriches

Co-boner Virus

Impossible Cum

Thirsty Dick Pig

Latin and Young

Advanced Poling w/Jason

Solo Mounting

Fucking a Baloney Clown

Catholic Genitals

Tears for Balls

Onesie Boner

Cream City Boathouse

Overstock Dick

Dual Purpose Butt

DUI Decimal System

Paid for in Cock

AIDS for Days

What About the Butt?

Social Fisting


Clean Your Virginia Inside

Edible Ass

Frontal Anal Sex

X-Ray Porno

Wall-to-Wall Pussies

Danielle Steele of Boathouses

Shit-ake Mushrooms

Trash Passin' Asshole


Cum n Poop

Obi-wan Chomme-nobi

The Fuck


Penis Insurance

Ice Luge Jizz

Erect Clitoris

Pork Strategy

Chevy Wreathmaster

One Meat at a Time

Luke the Jeweler

Docking Malfunction

Pube Covered Tits

King Tut's Taint

Funky Taint

Sleepy Semen

Vaseline in a Bag

Bush of Leisure

One Pollup Away

Trust Fund Baby Chode

Truck-stop Vasectomy

Fart Butt Rejuvination

Pubic Hair Floss

Soft Zone Area

Suckin' Meat

the 5 D's

The Biggest Arreola

Wilt Chommberlain

Business Company

Diarrheal Estate

Standard Issue Cockroach

Pussy Lickin' Attachment

Robot w/Suckable Dick

Butt Validation

Pits n' Slits

Failed Load


Fully Clothed Shitting

That's My Boner

Penthouse Dirty

Semen Pie


Strictly a PM Pooper

Dino Pubes

Anal Jackpot

Joe Buck Cumming

Born Taintless

Multipurpose Tube

Sippin' Rye & Jackin' Dry

Taint Feint

Dick Warlock

Soggy Chomme

The Sharterati

Turtles Do Cum

Meaty Cum

Humble Shart Pie

Assymetrical Drilling

Shit Covered Shit

Parade of Dingleberries

Restless Anal Syndrome

Too Much Pepperoni

The BDS&M Index

Pussy Pizza

Big Dick Responsibility

Bone on Bone

Bone-in Hamb

Pie Nipple Pizza

BJs for Robots

What About Pegging?

2 Mini Cooks in the Kitchen

Long Winded Corn Joke

Vaginal 3D Printer

Oral Aversion

The Thickest Choad

Creamy Crack

Open Your Whole Neck

Sleeveless Pants

Dildo Coupon

Normandy of Toilets

Ineffective Butthole

Pooped on the Peloton

Stroke Rate

Paint Porn

Room Temp Meat

Anonymous Butthole

Hot Box Pocket Pussy

Chief Goals

Legally No, Penisly Yes

Pelvic Lore

Kissed on the Dick

Stoned to the Bone Broth

Shaggin' Stats

Wealthy Pussy

Angle Grindr

Fish House Bath

Ball Placement


Big Fat George

The Extra Hog

Peen Drool

Palace of Sterility

Beef Central

Ejaculation Songs


Front Door Distraction

15% More Loads

Festering Bush

Carbon Nuetral Pussy

Ass Half Full

Boob Clog

A Sasquatch Situation

Brownie Batter Overloard

Eboneezer Spooge

Dusty-throated Cock Gobbler

Sperm Accumulation

Scrum Standup Nip-slip



Pre-Pooped Diaper

Broken Oral Promises

Duck Billed Chodapuss

Stuffed Snapper

Fats Chomino

Back Door MacGyver

Beaver Buddies

COVID Cougar

Lumberjack Hard

Combat Wombat

Puff Pastry Penis

Lip to Cup

Breakfast Balls

Damn Edibles!

Chocolate Disease

Saucy Nugs

Fjord Horse

Space Ejaculate

20" Double-Ender

Ham Baby

Groundhog Day Bullshit

Top-hatted Hog Fondlers

River Duece Coupe

Aftermarket Bidet

Poop is Life

Practice Wiping at Your Desk

Wide Stance

Cat Got Your Boner?

Nut Mobile

Poochies & Coochies

Ball Maintenance

Dot Cum

Double Ended Butt Plug

Cervix Oriented Architecture

Heroine Chic

Goal Pole

Frog-style Man

Benihana Blowie


Yank the Plank

A Mullet, on Purpose

Underwater 69

Turtleneck Butt

Previously Eager Hole

King Finger

O Chomme All Ye Faithfull

Custom Gentalia

Bone Folder

Lube Your Chain

Stubborn Pussy

Rigged Erection

God Given Boner

Dick Law Firm


Vagina Whac-a-Mole

Minimum Viable Balls

Stroke of Penis

Backhand Tube Approach


Balls Mahoney Pony


Jammer Doody

Horseradish Handjob

Size Advantage

Betting on the Cum

A Meat Skate

Grape Nuts

Consult the Vulva

Unregistered Sex Offender

Dick Tator

Pocket Snooker

Achy Breaky Anus

Sprained Sphincter

Your Ass Problem

Harsh Ass Lights

Trading Fellatio


Post Poop Strut

Self Aware A.F.

Glad Hand Job

Cock Ring Finger

Pre-Pooped Pants

Hole Paranoia

Exisiting Hole

Gap Discipline

Old Taint Nick

Eating Out Budget

Shaft Play Specification

Sourdough B-Star

Loose Cloaca

Love Sausage

Lucky Boner


Alien Tits

Good Lookin' Hole

Dicking Around

Breastaurant Aficianado

Type 2 Diarrhea

Nose Hymen

Dildo Dojo


Freedom of Chomme


Jizz Noodles

Dong DeLuise

Air Bud's Grandmother

My Wet Market

University of Penis

PhD in Poontang

Pandemic Pubes

Stunk Like Chum

You Only Die Once

Butt, Butt, Goose

Warren Batey

Remote Blow-job

Cockness Monster



Evening Clam

Dicks, Right?

Tits on the Glass

Patchy Bush

Big Unit Job

Orgy Rage

Full Moon Poon

Traditional Porn Studio

Goddamned AIDS

Soy Cum Latte

Horse Dick Bragging

Enjoying R. Kelly

Director of BJ's

3 Phase Vibrator

Dildo Lessons

Right-minded Stripper

Coordinated Queefing

Too Busy to Suck Dick

Taco Bell Coffee Shit

Pork City Bank

Cloaca Scissoring

Gay Mafia

Butt Mustache

Chaise's Dirty Laundry

Embrace the Gay

Boner Closures

Temporary Penisanity

The Oval Orifice

Affection Erection

Loose Boobs

Genital Wart Popper

Omicron Lookit Her Butt

Boathouse Letters

Bukkake Udon Noodles

Kobayahsi, with Dicks

Old Lady Pubes

Both on Both

Mee Too at Him

Tenderloin District

Ball Shriveling Chill

Wolf in Pube's Clothes

Space Station Polyamory

Cum Substitute

Ochomma bin Laden

Beef Blanket

High Functioning Butthole

OK Stroke

My First Circle Jerk

Sweaty Curtains

Pro Eskimo Stuff

Eating Semen w/Fork

Taint Reaction

Gilled Penis

Turkey Fuck a TURKEY

Blinds Down, Boobs Out

Handjob Judy

How to Come

Steamy Vagina

Labia Toothpaste

Self Exciting

Touching of the Ball

Meat Deposit

All Chub at the End

One Man Bukkake

Semen & Garfunkel

Only Dick in the Room


Robotic Pleasure

Mildy Radioactive Dick

Dick Suckin' Robot

Chomme Here Often?

Hairy Ovaries

Sweaty Yeti Balls

Sealed Up Puss

Shit Like No-one's Watching

Unexpected Boner

Big Pussy Energy

Bored, Certified Proctologist

Crotch Pot Recipe

Medusa's Snake Pubes

Stinky Countach

Argyle Cocks

Scrotal Necrosis

The Jizz Pile

Double Digit Package


Taint of Heart

Tan Your Dick

Creamy Nut Butter

Ham Currency

Cotton Handy

Barefoot & Chomming

Variety of Assholes

Winter's Bone

Brown Unicorn Horn

Coming Forward

Chomme Sweet Chomme

Blowjob Warrior

Adjustable for my Girth

Fucked Out a Tooth

Little Nut Hut

McNutts Island

Boneless Rectum

The Single Vent Theory

Humming Balls

Heather's Strap-on

Van Envy

Hamb Enhancements

Lady Postlady

The House Dick

Canoe Virgin

Lip Issues

Gorgon Style



1 Minute per Ball

Clam Wallet

Pennis Elbow


Orifice Stretch Goals

Vagina Tech

Famous Anus

Questionable Fluid Stains

Human Suction


No Pants, with Boots

Some Honest Wood

Genital Stew

Old-growth Bush

Titty 'Tude

Cable Knit Pubes

Cox Hollow

Butt Health

Too Hot to Mow

Look at that Butt

Water Logged Noodle

Butthole Saw

Anal Squalor

Shit to Thickness

Fart Trust Zone

Gramp's Jack Stack

Erect Butthole


Genital Mange

Earth Friendly Dick

Uterine Deposit

Doctors without Chodas

Postmordem Vasectomy

Rare Date Rape Owl

Excessive Rack Play

Cumming Buttloads

The Doobie Mothers

Poop Sand

Sandy Canal

Brown Starry Night

Quarantine Pit Beards

Bingo Savant

Pussy, Cloaca…Same Difference

Boob Diaper

Anal Expulsion

El Chomino

Consult thhe Vulva

Crackhead Strength

Rodney Beef

Womb Cannibal

Dick to Scale

Clubhouse Willy

Netted Snapper

Senior Chomme-munity

Angel Incestor

Pussy Enlargement Pills

Betting on the Chomme

Over the Pants Fisting

Scott Baiowolf

Butthole Seeking Missile

Auxilary Semen

Nut Hill

Nude Wearing Mask

Eye of the Fartstorm

Left Hand Ass Wiping

Not an Ambiwiper

Anus Killer

Fade Free Suction

Seasoned Nut Driver

Cherish the Tip

Cock Pocket

Blow in my Conch

Focused Licking

Stunt Bosom

Mustache Potential

Aggressive Licking

Chode Abode

Familiar Pussycat Anus

Bone for Daze

Two Handed Magician

Cry at my Penis

LGBT Cuties

Unscented Cum Diapers

Boycott Boy Cock

Making my Butt Water


Lentil Fascism

Flaccid Strap-on

Caulk Block

Uno Dick

Wolf Pelt

Business Nude


Experienced Semen

Custom Scrotum

Committee Slit

Double Banana Lifestyle

Common Seaman

Full Blown Atheist

Genghis Cunt

Zipper Meat

Ambitious Stripper


Daddy Batter

Chomme Com

Tompa Bay Tampons

Mossy Penis Shaft

Tip Sensitivity

Blumpkin Spice Latte

Black Hole Circle Jerk

Panama Beaver Man

Disclocated Taint

The Butt Method

My Ass Problem

Holes vs. Poles




Glory Tube

Pubic Hair Spray


Purple Masked Warrior

Bus Juice

Beyond the Balls

Preliminary Dicking

Christmas Orgy

Enormous Sack

Chipmunk Rich

Sour Dildough

Garbage Land

Martin Shart

Sticky Member

Stiff Clown Tax

Dick Dumpster

Natural Gap

Nut Wood

Cloaca Industries

Rotten Ham Wallet

Nasal Penetration

Very Strokable

Mutton Bustin'

Shag & Bag

Iron Mackeral

Superior Load


Persona AuGratin


Headmaster of Head

Doctorate of Dick

Meat Science

Cronut Virus

Tweaking of the Funnel

Cumming to Save the World

Homemade Hawk Porn

Diversified Cockfolio

30 Year Old Mullet

Bone Zone

Home Blown

Toothy BJ

The Opposite Dick

Dope Hanjo


Dick Freaky Friday

Weird Rack

Gap Analysis

Pornucopia, WI

Survived on Semen

Magna Cum Loudly

Exploding Gayness

Pork Curious

Pole Grabber

Challenging Mount

Logjammin Handshake

Double Flame

Emancipation Penetration

Hotdogs for Science

Kevin Bacon vs. Spooner

Stock Dick

Fingerblasted Cloaca


Chairlift Reach Around

Marital AIDS

Goodnight Hanjo

Lactating Bitches


Sopping Wet Virginia

Heart-on for You

Dingleberry Salad Blaster

Full Frontal Ass Shot

Sex Carnival

Threatened Anal Health

Bukkake Around the Clock

Scissoring with the Runs


Sassy Poop

Head Cleaner

Fine Chinamen

The Balls of Life

Champagne of Bears

Got the Chronic Cough

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