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Logjammin Catchphrase


Phallic Dough

Pussy Bug

Horse Porn

Dirty Toilet Party

Church Vagina

Vaginal Terminal Sentence

Taint Brothers

The Man With Two Dicks

Government Issued Condoms

Beaver Trail

Moondog Rex

Sliding Glass Pussy

Loose Slot

Slot Motion Blow

3-Way Sack

Turd and Eleven

New York Bozo

Dick on Critchley's Nose

Drunk & Cunty


Cocaine Driven Mistake

Wish Granting Dick

Abrtion Survivor

Gooey Surprise

Beaver Dental Dam

Butthole Genius

Have a Nice Gay

One Dead Nut

Use More Spit

Dumb Cumster

Dumpster Cum

Dorito Sperm

Prolapsed Rectum

Smokin' Hymen

Cunt Knob

Too Many Pubes

Mouth Only Rapist

Mating Rampage

Vitamin Piss

Usurped Uterus

Unsheathed Sword

Ass Dividends

Genital Timeshare

Michelle's Hannukah Bush

Dick Throat

Cllit Dick

Tomorrow's Load

Chinese Cockhill

Semen Smeared Bifocals

Cumm Filled Wetsuit

Jism Bow Tie

Mystery Drip

Sweat or Semen

Vegetarian Nazi

Wicked Tuna

Clit-Like Dick

Including a Penis

Trek Dykes

Abercrombie and Rape


Benjamin Whore

Popping Your Charaoke


Bush League Sex

Top Ball

Dick on Demand

Uncle Knuckle

Papa John's 8 Inch

Cobbler's Dick Cream

Semen Layer Jello

Semen Merangue Pie

Twisted Fister

Surprise Cough Mouth Fart

Grandpa Likes to Watch

Almost Rape


Daddy's Santa Mask

Tebow Prefers Penis

Philanthropic Orgasm

Dry Sexaholic

Photogenic Taint

Bar Time Blowjob

Tip to the Bunghole

Gentler Than a Fist

Lost My Man-ginity

Inside Your Grandmother

Ruptured Scrote

Nuts in Bulk

Dolphin Handjob

Pakistani Punnany

Clogged Chom Hole

Bangkock Daily

Taint Tirade

Fire Starting Box

Ham Rock

Smokin Poles

Spilled Balls

Busted Cum Damn

Cock Talk

Uncle Gehrs

Cunt Jammer

Sheeo Fuckers of Catan

Kind of a Snatch

Clit Stockings

Super Sassy Jizz Hands

Pussy Blocked

Raped by Santa

Man-on-man Butt Stuff

Sex with Exotic Birds

Scrotal Lacerations

Poop Noodle

Bad Clinic Visit

Before HIV

Magic Johnson's Death

High Heeled Hooligans

3 Minute Piss

Cumming Kells

No Dicks Are Safe

Squinty Cunt

3 Wise Mammaries

Gentleman Jack-Off

Jack-Off on the Rocks

Spotted Cow Pussy

Dusty Pussy Sleeve

Gently Used Porno

Cum Sock

Tiny Troll Testes

Gnome Rape

Snow Bunny Blumpkin

Face Raped by a Gopher

Ski Trip Tramps

Heil Veggies

Unsucked Dick

Dick Punch

Pussy Galore

Dept. of Vagina

Slut Gut

Dick Tooth

Penetration Abomination

Secret of the Ooze

Fire in the Hole!

Pale Nipples

Good Ole' Fistin

Dick Tail

Walk of Shame

Extra Tight

Can of Ham

Ambiguosly Gendered

Jello Rape Pops

Ugly Rape Sweater

Moonlight Molestation

Sheep Boots

Angry Fart

Ex Homo

Rehab for Dummies

Cleaning Ladies on Drugs

The Help is on Drugs

Two Skis, Two Dicks

Sober and Cunty

The Cream Team

My Daughter's Huge Dick

Cunt and Drunky

Raging Digital Boner

Clits are for Kids


Hydraulic Butt

Birch Dick

Minor League Rapist

Bipolar Bear

Meat Wallet

Blue Knob

Aggressive Humping

Jism Laden Puppy Balls

Butthole Rental

Masterbate 'n' Switch

B-Star of David

She's a Jew

Brokedown Bitch

You Broke My Dick

American League Pussy

Celebratory Cum Pour

Smoked Chub

Love Remnant

Pantie Sheen

Steam Room Steamer

Yesterday's Fetal Expulsion

Krill Powered Erection

Slightly to the Left

Sears & Buttfuck

Super Daffy

Party Mountain


Yugoslavian Butt Thumb

Disturbance Yurt

Power Keg

Amsterdam Sex Boat

Penis Strategy

Rubbery Member

Malformed Mamories

Loose Lips Sink Dicks

Skin Stretcher

Semonic Possesion

Semen Demon

Bloated Fart Gun

Jew Gold Island

Sniff the Knot


Buttfuck Mountain

Tainted Bloody Mary

10 Degree Blowjob

Cuming for a Cause

Extra Rapey

Lunch Boner

3AM Release

Sexual Touchdouwn

Step Fucker

Cruzin for a Boozin

CSI Trego

Velveteen Sack

Spotted Dick in Bulk

Sloppy Punjab


Evening Oyster Snack

Warship Jesus

Eventual Consent

Formal Birthday Suit

Hamb 'n' Bass

Ambitious Penetration

Penetration Pride

Sleepover Rape Night


Rudolph's Red Rocket

#1 Pounder

Buffalo Wing Cock

Hex Sex

Solitary Ballsack

Bent in Half Dick


Full Fingered

Inappropriate Content

The Sluttiest Birds

Slide it In

Gin and Juicy Juice

Bigtime Hussy!

Too Short

Layin' in tha Cut

Pubic Dandruff

Jack of all AIDS

Full Thrust

Corkscrew Cock

Johny Walker Cum

Cum Protein Shake

Hairy Nipple

Fuzzy Butthole

Penis Noir

Brokedick Mountain

Scratch n Sniff Porno

Cum Everywhere

Furry Foot Fetish

Hitler Bomb the Moguls

Michelle Sized Hole

Hitler's Ski Hill

Epic Shit Fit

4 Balled Saffert

2016 - Football Special

Butt Fumble

Multiple Tight Ends

Illegal Use of Hands

Extra Penis Try

Illegal Formation

Cans to the Face

Two Penis Conversion

Lots of Penetration

Roughing the Dicker

Locker Room Rape

Cock Strap

Pick Dix


Superior Ball Handler

Nice Snatch

Prison Ball

Fumbled Balls

Jock Full of Cum

Olivia Munn's Tits

Man Coverage

Slippery Balls

Quarterback Sack

Illegal Touching

Torn AC Slater

Karate Threat Sex

Ape Cum

Cummy Cock

Disco Dick

Porn Again Christian

Bi Before Penetration

His First Butt

Weeping Dick

Vagina Flume

Cock Tart

Bottled Queef

Jars of Jism

Acid Washed Butthole

Certified Sexnician

Preowned Pubic Hole

Love Salamander

The Jump Fuck

Love Couch

Poop Snot

Doo Doo Mountain

Back Dorothy

Deliberation Orgy

Uncomfortable Dump

The Last Butterburger

Load Threshold

Penile Release

Accidental Sobriety

Buffet of Dicks

Nerdy Dorky

Fluffy Toot

Nut Dial

Foolhardy Fellatio

Ill-Conceived Conception

Dissappointing Transvestite

Cum Filled Mamosa

League of Extrodinary Rapists

Group Steak

Aggressive Breast Feed

Squatch Fuck

Prebubescent Arousal

Pussy Profits

Stereo Ejaculation

Handjob Retirement Plan

Dick Slobber

Cock Rut

Yesterday's Load

Fuck YOU!!!

Ill-Prepared Vaginas

Tainted Sperm

Three Legged Poon Hound

Glazed Tummy

Fart During Orgasm

Poontang Patty

Leftover Hard On

Princess Peach's Big Dick

Cummy Blood Feast

Dromedary Mary

Navajo Camel Toe

Slick Rick Camel Dick

Petrified Sausage

Fucked Up Party

Yurt on Time

Land of the Sauced

Follow the Taint

Quaint Taint

Jeep Grand Charaoke

Hairy Bussom

Pie King

Package Management

Semenly Unrelated


Mudd-Butt Slide

Logs Against Jewmanity

Puss on Face

Onion Pussy

Santa's Empy Sack

Cum Free Zone

Interrupted BJ

Irish Ass Bomb

10 Degree Blowjob

Breakfast Full of Dicks

Stick Shift Cum Stain

Infected Hooker Bite

Starter Butt Plug

Your Mom's on Top

Bloated Fart Gun


Deep Running Dick

Big Hard Bologna

Fingering Potatoes

Ass to Able


#1 Dick Sucka

Thick Rick's Big Dick

Pants Ham

Porm Scar

Blastin' Nutbutter

Rape / Run 5K

Uber Rape

Utility Snatch

Swiss Army Cock

Organic Beastiality

Dick Snout

Pack of Peckerz

Mini Butt Rampage

Fondled by Jewsus

Barely Sexual Touching

I'm Inside Me

Rare Broke Jew

El Nino's Boner

Gitche Gumee Gusher

External Porn Drive

High Class Bum Fight

Sex with Randoms

Double-doin Herself

Impregnating America

Take a Lap

Worm Penis

Adam's Mistake

Fuck Bunny

Hot Buttered Cum

Lead with the Dick

Old Fashioned Taint-off

Extremely Jewy

Death Rape

Pussy Cum

Anti-Semite Ski Patrol


Hawk Eye, Cock Eye

Powderhorn Pussy

Cannabis Vagina Suppository

Stuffing Buns


Intercepted Ass

Errant Ass


Ball Control

Blocked Cunt

Two Hand Touch

Cunt Punt

Asstro Turf

Golden Taint

Long Snapper

Multiple Sacks

Speared in the Backfield

Rotating Backs

Ball Distribution

Drug Run

Dropped Balls

Locker Room BJ's

Post-Game Hummer

Loss of Down Sydrome

Muddy Balls

Tight End Penetration

Tight Slot

Quickness to the Hole

Slot Receiver

Play Action Ass


Roughing the Asser

In the Pussy Pocket

Dong Snapper

Terd and Ten


Blocked Dick

Up the Butt

Multiple Slot Receivers

Double Tightend Formation

Fag Football

Clit on Dicks

Little Bit of Penetration

Jail League

Vick 'n' Switch

Lots of Children

Abused Wives

Yesterday's Jock

Turd and Twenty


Bucket Full of HaHa Clinton Dix

Gay Safety

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